A title given to the relationship between the character Buffy on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and Angel on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Angel: The Series."
Person 1: I loved him and he loved me...but we could never be together.

Person 2: How Bangel!
by Abby July 1, 2004
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Combination of "Bang" and "Angel" usually reserved for a woman who looks very sweet outside but is an aggressive sexual demon behind closed doors.
"I thought she was just a sweet girl but she was really a bangel in disguise"
by wes1der March 2, 2017
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Short for calling someone or something a "Beautiful Angel"
Shawn: Hey, do you see that woman by the lake? She is beautiful!
Jack: Yeah, she looks like an angel.
Shawn: Bro, she is a bangel!
by oconnorsurf September 19, 2016
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A word often used by British people to discrabe a reck or used to count down a certain thing but is not used often

Use it wisely!
Your playing CSGO and u say:Bingel Bangel Bungel

When u get three kills, one word for each kill
by Knug Kanada December 10, 2015
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Something wild and used for when you just can't even
White Girl 1: that's so bangelous
White Girl 2: Ugh.... Omg, I know like so bangelous I'm so done.
by We won't stop and wont July 17, 2015
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