A creature who often posts pictures of Starbucks on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook. Often wears leggings and Ugg Boots and posts about how Nutella is very good when everybody knows it is. You will always see a White Girl with her Ugg Boots on, Leggings on, and IPhone at Starbucks.
Instagram White Girl: Starbucks(: <3

Facebook White Girl: @ Starbucks. U jelly? <3 ;)

Tumblr White Girl: Starbucks, Ugg Boots, Leggings = Good Day(:
by idekbruuhhh October 20, 2013
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A person who:
wears uggs
wears yoga pants
drinks starbucks
corrects your grammar
has a white iphone
often has extensions
and denies they're a white girl
Girl 1: *Gets starbucks while wearing yoga pants and uggs*
Girl 2: "Omg your such a white girl!"
Girl 1: "You're"
by ImNotAWhiteGirlISwear January 12, 2014
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2019 White girls:
- Vsco
- Billy Eilish
- Crocs
- Shell Chokers
- Adidas
- Basketball or Volleyball or Softball
- Tik Tok
- Obsession with Tik Tok boys

- Instagram Memes
- Starbucks
- Over 200 followers on Instagram
- LuLu Lemons: shorts, leggings
- Hollister, Urban Outfitters
- Thrifting
- Beauty Gurus
- Hydroflasks
- Redbubble Stickers
- Greys Anatomy , PLL, Friends, The Office
- Snapscore over 40,000
- Private Stories
- E-Girls
Feel free to add
God that white girl over there won’t stop obsessing over Billy Eilish I’m going to kashoot myself
by dumbthot July 2, 2019
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People especially sensitive about their vanity and popularity, commonly Apple product and Starbucks worshippers because they think that just because something is expensive it is cool. Not all Caucasian females are "white girls", and "white girls" do not consist entirely of Caucasian females. Any gender or ethnic background can be a white girl because the definition is primarily based off of personality.
Stefani: Omg look at eric
Bree: why is he crying?
Stefani: His dad didn't get him a gold iPhone 6, it was silver, so he threw coffe at him. Such a white girl.
Bree: true dat
Eric: waaaahhhhhh i drowned my beautiful iphone in a Venti espresso waaaaaahhhhhhh
Stefani: late for class bye
Bree: peace
by ecepic June 11, 2015
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Getting lost on the way to Starbucks because you were too busy staring at your iPhone, on the Starbucks app, getting directions to Starbucks.
Wow, you're such a fucking white girl.
by Emily Skalinger September 26, 2014
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A Female of light complexity, usually found at Starbucks sipping on her PSL (pumpkin spice latte), taking way to many selfies, browsing her social media or at home watching a new series on Netflix while enjoying Nutella. Favorite wardrobe include uggs, leggings and a infinity scarf. Uses phrases including; "Oh my gosh", "literally dying" and "I can't even"
Person 1: Your a total white girl!
White girl: Oh my gosh, how dare you accuse me of that
Person 1: EVERYBODYS seen you at Starbucks taking selfies with your PSL
White girl: I can't even
by Fifty4 February 8, 2015
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A white girl is someone who uses a ghetto way of talking; often drops the n-word, denies they’re white etc. They search for the biggest dick in town and usually ends up hitting on a black guy. She gets easily offended when being called a white girl. She acts very horny around her close friends and often hits on her guy friend’s friends. She also like to smoke the cheapest strain of weed you can find.
Ohh my, you’re such a white girl Dahlia. All you do is smoke weed and have sex with black guys.
by austin.drizzie April 30, 2020
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