A fruit that is on the verge or extinction. I know you may be asking yourself, is this some kind of sick joke? This is not a joke. Get your potassium now, before it's too late.
You: Can I have a bannana?
Person from future: What is a bannana?
by SessileLover April 28, 2005
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1.A made up word. Made up by anna.
2.A yellow, mushy, fruit.
Also see banana
Raychel ate the whole bannana in 1 minute.
by Leigh :) March 24, 2003
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Man : Aye Girl You Blow My Bannana

Woman : I Suck Yo Bannana
by YanZe September 20, 2015
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Something that is stereotyped.... no... something that blacks eat and gorillas. (no offense)
by Phil Collins April 30, 2005
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a monkey food that is grown on trees in lush green forests
that monkey ate thos bannanas!!!!!!!!!!!
by crusadermajor April 22, 2008
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asian guy 1: I love me some barbaquin'

asian guy 2: what a bannana!
by datcracka December 5, 2011
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