The area on a man between the testicles and anus
After a long run, Jansen's balsas really stank
by bobbleian April 16, 2008
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When you dip your testicles in a jar of salsa
Did you hear about Jacob's balsa incident?
by Wild_Weston April 01, 2016
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When you dip your nutsack in salsa and make your lady lick it off.
Last night we wanted to spice things up so my lady ate some balsa.
balls sack lick salsa tongue
by ilovecats12 February 06, 2014
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An amazing inventor who killed his mentor and went to prison. He is also a playable character in the game identity v
You're playing as Luca Balsa decode you bitch don't rescue
by irl akechi January 02, 2021
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My girlfriend is luca balsa she defines him Istg
Me: Omg you kin him
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