Doin' at least 10-15 miles over the speed limit
"You got from San Diego to L.A. in an hour and a half?! You must have been ballin!!"
by freakie June 27, 2009
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the gunz show is the definiton of ballin
just listen to the gunz show and you realize it is the most ballin shit you ever heard!! Ballin
by adrian miller April 30, 2008
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the act of being fly
man dat club be ballin!
by elshuu January 27, 2008
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When giving a guy head and his balls hit your chin.
When I was hanging out with my boyfriend, I was ballin!
by Dr.Diego April 8, 2007
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1. to be playin bball VERY good
2. to be livin it up (livin good)
1. "dem boyz on and1 be ballin"
2. "old man still ballin"
by tara January 5, 2004
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The act of you gripping some ones scrotum aka "balls" or "nuts" and ripping them off

guy: some dude went on a ballin spree and ripped them offering
by the baller January 24, 2015
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