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while playing basketball, if you get fouled on a shot AND make it....
"he takes it strong to the hole...(gets fouled and make da layup)AND ONE BABY!"
by tara January 5, 2004
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A sporting event that steals the attention of all men and leaves their wives and girlfriends wondering where the hell they disappeared to!
Dean is so much into March Madness that he completely has forgotten about his girlfriend Tara and is close to getting dumped for ignoring her.
by tara March 29, 2005
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v. getting you dick sucked while doing somthing hella cool like eating a sandwitch or playing video games.
Cupcake resived mega dome from buttercup while playing video games.
by tara June 18, 2006
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When a person has been baffled by a sudden outburst of intellectual speech.
Someone mentions that they like piercings, and suddenly someone begins to speak of the origins as such being from the Myans and the Inkas as offerings to their gods.
by tara May 26, 2004
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It is either a bad situation something bad or wrong has happened
Boy am I in a kurfufel now
by tara April 20, 2005
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A moment in time. A short period of time.
In an MMMBop they're, in an MMMBop they're not there
by tara October 2, 2003
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The coolest toy from the 80's EVER. Attempted to bring them back in the 2000's. Maybe it will work.

I highly doubt it.
OH MY GOD! I found my My Little Pony collection!
by tara March 1, 2004
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