To wreck your ride, especially when off-roading.
To literally roll your 4x4 into a ball.
"That dude took his brand new Jeep down the Hammers and really balled it up"
"Man, don't take the red trail or you will ball it up for sure!"
by Goat Rider January 14, 2016
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""ball it up"" is a elderly man that equipment doesn't work any more so wen u get a certain age man has to ball they stuff up in order to mate with a elderly woman
"Going to meat my lady to ball it up"
by randyphx January 3, 2014
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'I balled him' is a 1970s slang term meaning, 'I fucked him'
I went out with Albert last night and I balled him up in the back seat of his car.
by AlPacino1972 August 2, 2014
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AJ: "Fam what's good tonight?"
Chris: "I'm chilling bro, you tryna ball up later? I got loud."
AJ: "Say no more my guy, I'll fly in 20."
by KingNate August 1, 2018
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smoke some weed
Yo your tryna ball up?
by yrnreef May 16, 2015
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In current usage, any disastrous situation. The balls referred to are NOT testicles. The term dates from the days of wooden sailing ships when the existence of a shipboard disaster, such as plague, lack of food or water, mutiny, etc. was communicated to the outside world by hoisting large-ish, brightly painted wooden balls up into the rigging. Balls of different colors represented different disasters and therefore served as either requests for assistance or warnings to stay clear.
Ed: What a complete Balls Up!
Ted: You said it.
by Paul Dellechiaie January 2, 2008
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