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An all encompassing word for anything in the world that is bad or gross.
> "Anyways, I ended up going home and fucking my little phillipino boy"

> "dude, thats fucking baint"
by Rodger July 04, 2003
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Simply put, it can mean anything, everything and nothing, it's limitless and yet limited... Not to be mistaken for paint
Hey I'm off to baint that girl.

Baint it burble.

Don't mind me I'm just bainting this boar
by Baint-master August 04, 2011
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a common word used to detach yourself from awkward conversations.
Sean: Hey Bryan, did you make out with my girlfriend?
Bryan: baint.
by hand-solo August 17, 2011
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Pigeon English/slang (of Norfolk origin perhaps?) for a negative. B'aint can be used to substitute many words such as "aint, won't, shan't, can't, don't, not" etc
I b'aint be going to the cinema because I b'aint be liking the film.
by Sarah Monaghan April 29, 2007
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Baint refers to the the distance between a girl's tits. It is an abbreviation of boob taint, which comes from the English, taint, which refers to the space between the nuts and the asshole, and boob, which refers to a boob. The word is thought to have originated in the early 2000's near Hartsville, SC.
Salma Hayek has the world's perfect baint.

Jeez, Yolanda, could you have any more baint?
by bigD March 23, 2005
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