February 15th, witch is referred to as "Annoy Squidward Day" is where Spongebob Squarepants annoys his friend, Squidward Tentacles.
February 15th is Annoy Squidward Day. I'm going to ding dong ditch Squidward repeatedly
by Heyitsj000 February 17, 2019
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People that are born are very special not even a joke or just to be kind. This is for real. People born on this day have a kind heart and soul. They will help you if you need it and even though they have enemies they are very forgivable and don't go for foolish stuff like revenge. People that are born on February 15th have a hard time to like someone (as love). But it's because their born the day after Valentine's day. They have a hard time getting a boy/girlfriend just because of that reason. They are incredible lovers as well so always keep them.
Guy: I have never seen Alex like someone

Guy 2: He probably has just that it is hard to express that feeling since he is born on February 15th.
by Mystic J 19 November 4, 2019
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Anyone born on this date is a amazing person. They are very self aware. They are very self confident and have a smile that lights up everyone’s day.
February 15th
by yessirimaratlog261 February 5, 2020
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Camaro Day. This is the day that you will, one way or another, receive a Camaro
Me: Yo what day is it today?
Chris: Oh shit, its February 15th. I'm bout to go and cop myself a Camaro real quick
by Perk 90 October 16, 2019
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National Tell Your Crush You Like Them day. Tell your crush about your feelings and maybe they will like you back. It also the day after valentimes day so love is in the air
Jack: hey i really like that girl over there

Jill: well then go tell her, its is February 15th after all...
by Fhkyidgjd February 14, 2020
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the day bonnie hits puberty like a truck and finally admits that she is trans.
yo its february 15th arent you excited to see bonnie admit that she is trans
by mai-tien ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) October 5, 2019
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International Gobesties day.
The day to celebrate your loved ones aka your gobesties 🥹

not to be confused with valentine’s day, national gobestie day is a lot better.
live laugh gobestie

In honour of the man, Gobika2098.
It’s February 15th!

Happy International Gobesties day!

Im so happy to spend this International Gobesties day with you.
by 🐋🐋 February 14, 2023
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