a person who says you can live with them,are really nice and then one day asks you to pay double-board so they can buy golf clubs ... keeps doin that sort of shit, then one day you meet new friends and start dating one of them ...

you introduce them to her and everything is great
...until one day she decides she doesnt like you anymore and tells everyone she is going to kick you out... until she realises you own all the furniture so she finds new boarders that can replace the furniture and kicks you out,

she spreads rumours about you and your boyfriend so that the only guy who ever treated you right and loved you for who you are who you also happen to be pregnant to breaks up with you

turns half your family against you, causes you to lose your job

because of her ... you have noone to talk to anymore, no money and are forced to live with your mum again cause noone else will take you in.

that is a fucking BACKSTABBER!!!
sarah is my sister and she is a fucking backstabber!!!
by Juniorchicky November 13, 2007
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a "friend" who seems to be your "friend', but really they are not your "friend", in most occurences one find out that they friend is a backstabber when they see or hear there friend committing an act of cruelness towards you, when they think that you will never know what they did/ and or said about you.
i was board out of my mind wacthing old tv shows when i called up my "friend" to see if they and some of my other "friends" would go see a movie with me. but they were already watching a movie with all of my other "friends" without even inviting me or telling me about it.
by how can u live like that nc January 08, 2005
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Someone who talks shit about you behind your back. If you were on fire and this person had a bottle of water they would rink the water and apologize about it later when you are in the ICU. This person makes you walk on hot coals to please them and then they turn around and talk about behind your back while still acting like your friends...stay away from theses people they are no good.
Good Friend: "OMG sorry i didnt mean ... is there anyway i can make it up to you?"

Bad Friend: "Nah.. it's okay it's fine, don't worry about it"

1 hour later
Bad Friend: "guess what this bitch did to me..... I have always hated her. all she wants is attention.. she should go die in a hole"

Next Day

Good Friend:" Hey Bestty"

Bad friend:"Hey Bestfriend in the world" -.-

Another person: "You do know she talks shit about you behind your back"

Good Friend: "WHAT A BACKSTABBER!!!"
by Don't Hate, Appreciate January 30, 2012
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One who listens to your problems, pretends to be your friend, acts so fake around you you actually believe it, but in the end goes and hooks up with your boyfriend, spreads rumors about you, etc.
Amelia hooked up with him? I thought she was her best friend! What a backstabber....
by xxxxxooooo69 February 02, 2011
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People who are bitches and betray you. You should block them and tell them to never speak to you ever. They are usually popular people and are hoes. So just stay away from them.
by umhiigifurreadingthis September 29, 2018
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a friend who is your best friend for like a week and then finds some people who are cooler than you and likes them better than you. then she shares time between you and the other friends and decideds when thier gonna sit with you at lunch
alana found more popular friends and became a backstabber to her math club friends
by mushka midnight March 08, 2007
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