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an outdated,stupid piece of shit insult that is/was usually used by gaming nerds and wow lovers all over.it generally has no meaning,considering there are all different definitions for the word on this site,and since it isn't a real word,this is the only place you can find it defined,not in a dictionary.i haven't heard anyone say "n00b" or type it in over a year,so it's definatly outdated at this point.so that saying,anyone that still uses it HERE in 2009 is just a fuckin complete loser,and a lifeless good for nothing piece of shit.so you better put down the video games,and get a fucking life.
typical online teen kid:aww bro,shut the hell up man,your just a "n00b",you piece of crap "n00b".so get a life "n00b".

me:yeah noob doesn't mean jack shit.so stop trying to diss me by using such a shitty insult.and if your using that word still,your the one that needs to get a life,cause your a lazy worthless piece of gamer shit,and you don't know fucking nothing.
by y2c April 18, 2009
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pretty self-explanitory, kush that tastes and smells like pineapple. from what i can tell though, pineapple kush is alot stronger than other kinds of kush.. probably not as strong as the rare pineapple express but it is indeed still some one hitter quitter shit.. i wouldn't suggest taking more than a hit if your a light weight that freaks out easy after smoking.
after clearing a bowl of mids and two hits of some pineapple kush, i was pleasently stupid... bout a half hour later, i was laying there shivering and my legs felt as if they were having a seizure. this was in a 75 degree bedroom. you probably thinking "yup, your a lightweight too" but really, i'm not...
by y2c January 31, 2011
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a very unique looking dog that originates from england.has a head that almost looks as if it is pointed,and is descibed by most as "egg shaped".they come in many different coat colors,and also comes in a normal size,and a miniature size.a great example of a bull terrier is bullseye,the target mascot dog,which has a red target painted over it's left eye.
upon first seeing a Bull Terrier,most would consider it "ugly".but i find it a great looking dog,that makes i great pet.
by y2c January 18, 2009
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something that taco bell really needs to put back on their menu,and have it on their perminatly.it was a new kind of crunchwrap that was out summer 2008,then they decided to do the stupid thing and discontinue it.it was way better than the regular crunchwrap,mainly cause it doesnt have a shit load of lettuce in it.
taco bell better bring the queso crunchwrap back,or im going to sue
by y2c January 17, 2009
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an alternative metal band that formed in 2000.there sound is generally on the same wavelengths of chevelle,a perfect circle and tool(though they aren't nearly as complex as tool,of course)but very comparable to tool as i said due to the fact that 1.jesse hasek's voice has a very maynard like tone to it and 2.bassist louis cosby's playing can at times be similar to justin chancellor(listen to "fault line")they are more or less radio friendly though,but they are EXTREMELY underated.i suggest their 2005 album "the autumn effect".as of current times,they did change their sound quite a bit though.
10 years albums

*into the half moon(2001)-i have yet to listen to it,as well as the second album
*killing all that holds you(2004)
*the autumn effect(2005)
*division(2008)-an ok album,they changed to a more upbeat sound which reminded me of shinedown.i didn't like it that much though.
by y2c November 12, 2009
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do you need some time??..on your own???
do you need some time??...all alone...
eww everybody needs sometime..on their own
ewww dont you know you need sometime??
all alone...
best part in november rain.i could listen to just that part for hours.thats how good this song is.imagine how good the rest is?
by y2c January 22, 2009
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one who is friendly to you/others in your/people's presence, but will say negative things about you when your not around in a heartbeat. some people do it all the time, some just in moderation...

it's something that everyone is at least a little bit at some point in their/your life, just like hypocrites.
everyone is a backstabber, everyone is a hypocrite. almost pointless to even use these too words...
by y2c January 10, 2011
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