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do you need some time??..on your own???
do you need some time??...all alone...
eww everybody needs sometime..on their own
ewww dont you know you need sometime??
all alone...
best part in november rain.i could listen to just that part for hours.thats how good this song is.imagine how good the rest is?
by y2c January 21, 2009

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one who is friendly to you/others in your/people's presence, but will say negative things about you when your not around in a heartbeat. some people do it all the time, some just in moderation...

it's something that everyone is at least a little bit at some point in their/your life, just like hypocrites.
everyone is a backstabber, everyone is a hypocrite. almost pointless to even use these too words...
by y2c January 09, 2011

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horribly underrated band from the 90's.i know alot of people on here said that they weren't grunge,but out of all the other "grunge" bands,they seemed to hit the nail on the head the best IMO.all though they were heavily over shadowed by alice in chains and nirvana and such,i honestly think soundgarden is more talented than both.got a problem??
you fuckin stupid ass AIC kids can sit there and bitch about how much you hate nirvana and kurt cobain,and how much you think they are better than them.while i sit back and play some real grunge,soundgarden
by y2c April 14, 2009

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the stage in any boy/girl's life which they are sexually innocent; never had intercourse. in my area, most guys lost it around 14-16, and girls usually 13-15..but naturally there are exceptions. girls can really keep it as long as they like (if they can resist temptation)with no problem. but of course for guys it's a different story. other guys will either admire you for it, or they'll use it against you in certain ways. i'm sure some of you know what i mean, the typical guy busting on your balls "you wouldn't know what to do with it", as if watching porn doesn't teach you anything, idiot.. that's just a small example.
i believe my uncle was talking about not "getting any" for a while, so i made one little joke(clear as day joke)to him about it. so he then very promptly and seriously (not joking at all) brings up my virginity and that i "can't get none". geeze dave, why don't you just smack me in the nuts for no reason while your at it? this is why guys are ashamed of virginity, cause others can just go around giving you a low blow like that without even knowing you that well..
by y2c February 26, 2011

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someone that has a really low intelligence when it comes to music.there is more than one way one can be musically retarded,so here is how you know if you are:

-if you think that only music on the radio is "good music",
YOU are musically retarded.

-if you think that mainstream music > underground music
YOU are muscially retarded.

-if you listen to all mainstream pop,rock,counry and hip hop
stuff like:lady gaga, kelly clarkson ,beyonce, nickelback, hinder,kenny chesney,lil wayne,etc. and you consider bands like tool,porcupine tree,NIN and pink floyd "crap"??

YOU are musically retarded.

-also,if you consider all those mainstream bands

"more talented" than the other ones i listed...
YOU are musically retarded

if you think that distinct genres like progressive rock/metal sucks...
YOU are musically retarded

-if you call a bass a "guitar"..
YOU are musically retarded.

sadly enough,i don't think that i've covered all of the ways one can be musically retarded.but i'll let you do that work!!
my sister listens to only "hits" music and mainstream country(which isn't even really country music btw) and she tells me she wishes she could mute my "crappy" music (the bands i listed above,plus anyother sub genre of rock/metal,and a few other genres,which don't consist of the music she listens to)plus,she tells everyone i play guitar,even though i play bass.MY SISTER is musically retarded.

*and if you were wondering,i am NOT a fan of jeff faggot foxworthy.and my definition is NOT influenced by him.
by y2c June 15, 2009

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pretty self-explanitory, kush that tastes and smells like pineapple. from what i can tell though, pineapple kush is alot stronger than other kinds of kush.. probably not as strong as the rare pineapple express but it is indeed still some one hitter quitter shit.. i wouldn't suggest taking more than a hit if your a light weight that freaks out easy after smoking.
after clearing a bowl of mids and two hits of some pineapple kush, i was pleasently stupid... bout a half hour later, i was laying there shivering and my legs felt as if they were having a seizure. this was in a 75 degree bedroom. you probably thinking "yup, your a lightweight too" but really, i'm not...
by y2c January 30, 2011

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an ear condition,in which one has a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sounds,which normally would not bother a person with normal hearing's ears.certain sounds will cause your ear drums to cringe,and have a spasm which is described as "fluttering" in the ear drum.it can be more severe in some cases than others from what i understand.it is caused by a number of things,such as prolonged exposure to loud noise,prolonged use of certain drugs,such as aspirin,head trauma,and many others.all though there isn't exactly a total cure for it,the ear's tolerance level can be brought up greatly by using pink noise cd's.by doing so it can get alot stronger,and it will be able to tolerate more noise,but it will not make the ear 100% better.
i am 18 years old and already have hyperacusis,mainly cause i did the stupid thing by listening to music on headphones daily,for 8 years,played in a band that practiced significantly loud,and used aspirin for a long period of time,due to the fact that i thought i had a non-existant heart problem.DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AS ME.
by y2c January 20, 2009

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