piece of crap bitch who thinks their smarter then everybody highly manipulating pitting people against each other and screws over the people closest to them .
backstabber next time you bob your head I hope your neck just snaps.
by northsidelunatic September 10, 2016
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A person who you will think is your friend, only to find out later that this person spreads rumors and lies about you to your other friends.
A roommate who fronts a nice demenor, only because the rent is cheap. All the while attempting to sabbotage your personal relationships for his own gain.
John: Wally, Sarah just told me what you said.
Wally: I don't know what your talking about.
John: Dude you suck, she just told me that you said that I cheated on her and had girls stay at the house.
Wally: I don't want to talk about this right now.
John: Dude you know you have a crush on my girlfriend, and your just trying to sabbotage that because you think she would date your wierd ass.....Fucking backstabber!
by jpwf August 19, 2009
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one who is friendly to you/others in your/people's presence, but will say negative things about you when your not around in a heartbeat. some people do it all the time, some just in moderation...

it's something that everyone is at least a little bit at some point in their/your life, just like hypocrites.
everyone is a backstabber, everyone is a hypocrite. almost pointless to even use these too words...
by y2c January 09, 2011
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1. Using a person as your friend but actually really hating their guts.
2. Using a person as your friend, and then ditching them for new friends.
"Oh my god, that girl such a backstabber!" She said.
"Yeah, I know, I can't believe she'd do that," The other girl agreed.
by Lying Lisa January 24, 2008
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all your so-called friends who turn around and screw you over
Until second semester our group of friends was close until everyone started dating each other, we found out who the REAL backstabbers were, thanks you guys.
by jlo June 16, 2003
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some one who says something to your face and another thing about you behind your back
NIALL:dude1 that song you wrote rocks i love it! im gonna write in on my dick so ill never forget it!
Dude1:ok cool but i gtg see ya!
Dude2: so niall what did he say
NIALL: oh he was being a fucking showoff about his song
Dude2: that song sucks though!
NIALL: yea i know man he fucking gets on my nerves
Dude1: Niall you backstabber
Niall: fuck off you lieing cunt! i dont fucking like you because your so arrogant!
Dude1: look in the fucking mirror and think
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Backstabber- Some one that you have grown to be really close friends with, but then they go and go behind your back and betray you.
Rebecca-she has always liked my boyfriend, Kevin. But she never tried 2 break us up. Then one day she tells me that he told this random girl to come over here sit on his lap and give him a b.j. Then she said that they were holdong hands. But I have talked to him and some of my friends and his friends that were there at that time, and that was a freakin lie. SO REBECCA, IF YOU ARE THERE, YOU ARE NO LONGER MY BEST FRIEND OR MY SISTER, YOU ARE A LYING WHORE, YOU HO! GO ROT IN HELL YOU STUPID BITCH. and just to let everyone know, me and kevin are still togather!
by Carly February 28, 2005
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