One who pretends that they want to be with you but are only using you to get away from a current relationship, and then will dump you as soon as they find another sucker to take them in.
Dude, don't let that back stabber Amanda anywhere near the internet. She'll only use it to find an excuse to ditch you.
by Kneon August 04, 2013
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buttholes, jerks, mean people, people who you should drop instantly they will never be able to trust, people who you think are your friends but are only going to 'stab you in the back'.
J- she is such a backstabber, i told M i liked him and now she is talking to him.
by dabeast. January 26, 2011
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The act of knifing a player on your team in the back while playing hardcore cod. Just to piss off your friend who doesnt realize your backstabbing him.
-How the hell do I keep dying?

-Dude, that asshole on your team keeps backstabbing you.
-Your right! What a fucking back-stabber!
by CODbackstabber March 15, 2011
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someone (like me) who really didnt MEAN to hook up w.their "friends" crush n giv him a little bit more thn tongue rite in front of her n then go around doing the same thing to the rest of her friends at the exact moment in time...n then doesnt understand y theyre so pist off at her...i mean really tho ..its not like he was her PROPERTYY they were all up for grabs n who cares...dont miss a perfect opurtunity
a little fling tht ends up hurting a "friend" but was so totally worth it if u want to be named slut of the century
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
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The act of back-stabbing is not a difficult task.

It is to earn someone's trust, by becoming their "friend" or otherwise, and then break it repeatedly.

It's easy to tell who's a back-stabber and who's not. If:
1. They talk bad about somebody else that they seem to be close with,
2. Many people don't associate with them for the fear of being talked about,
Or just seem like a bitch in general, watch out. These are sure signs.

Just a few examples of back-stabbing are if they:
1. Tell everybody in your grade that you are pregnant.
2. Talk behind your back about your strange behaviors after the death of you dad.
3. Hit on, go out with, and be a total slut to the man you clearly like, and that she has bad-mouthed repeatedly in the past.
4. Start numerous rumors about how much of a "fuckin whore" and a "piece of trash" you are.

After this, they will most likely come back begging for your loyalty to them.
This, in some cases, is acceptable. But be careful, it's bound to happen again.

~ ~ ~
"Woah, dude, did you hear that Lauren's pregnant?"
"Nahh, man, that back-stabber Annika's just starting rumors."
by NvRShTNvR97 May 10, 2010
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A backstabber is usually someone who doesnt care enough about you as a person to treat you decently. They often become bitchy after earning your trust. It always ends up kicking you in the ass when you try and befriend one of these snakes. You gotta be careful what you say, because they might turn your own words into the knife that they will use on you later!
X: I can't believe she did this too me!
Y: Who?
X: *points to Z* Her.
Y: Yeah, you gotta be careful around that bitch, she is a backstabber.
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by reilei February 16, 2019
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1.A frequent stabber that only stabs in the back

2.A person who pretended to never do something bad to you but does exactly that
1.This killer that I’ve heard about on the news only stabs people in the back, which is creepy

2.That backstabber, getting to my Discord account and showing everyone that I am apparently a Nazi
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by Gabericus December 01, 2019
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