A glass of water you will get as a follow-up when ordering a shot or a beer.
May I have a martini and a water back?
by purpleyamcrunch August 30, 2018
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mexicans that cant afford water and smell like tacos
u water back
what the hack dude thats racist
by Bigpapi2458 December 29, 2018
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n. The homosexual act of one man sneaking up behind another, attempting to grab his genitals, inflicting pain in the process.
Randy Jackson snuck up behind Clay Aiken in the shower and gave that bitch a back-water viper.
by N.B. April 7, 2006
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Herion that was smuggled in through the warm and cozy compounds of a white-colar businessman's asshole on an airplane or though the bordor into the US.

George Carlin says that if we start killing off all the white-colar bussinessman, then the amount of herion will greatly decrease.
"Man look at all this heroin :D"
"Dude is this shit back-water heroin?"
"of course!"
by Matthe August 9, 2006
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