When you pooh twice in one day because you did not pooh the day before.
I have to use the bathroom again, because I am totally backlogged
by Donald J. Drumpf April 20, 2016
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When used referencing video games, a backlog is used to describe the pile of unplayed and/or unfinished games that a person owns.

It is another term for "stack of shame."
Due to my never ending love for Skyrim, many of the games in my backlog remain untouched.
by Zephyius May 22, 2012
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The lone chunk of fecal matter that pops back out of the bottom of the toilet after a flush; usually a floater
I needed to flush the toilet three times this morning. I had a backlog that refused to go away.
by TurboShortBus October 6, 2005
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a very long turd which has been sitting inside you for quite a while. Other turds have passed by into the poo bin but the backlog just sits there and builds up. One day you will clear the backlog and when you turn around for the inspection you will be totally amazed. You'll also feel a bit empty!
Glad I've cleared that backlog.
by doctor filth October 5, 2007
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A backlog occurs when a man, for reasons sometimes unknown, hasn't ejaculated in a long period of time. After this dry spell ,when the man ejaculates what emerges is reffered to as the backlog. This backlog is usually a massive amount of abnormally thick jelly-like cum that has been stored by his testicles over this period of time, and if not handled correctly can cause a massive mess. Backlog frequently occurs in men that are in relationships becuase they are so caught up by their girlfriend that they forget to regularly service themselves.
Guy 1: Hey man, I finally broke my dry spell after I broke up with Julie last night.
Guy2: Wow really? What was the damage?
Guy 1: Nothing much, just a serious amount of backlog and a serious mess afterwards.
by MrMortimer69 May 10, 2011
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A pile of unwashed dishes that have been accumulating for days or even weeks in your kitchen sink. A dish-washing exercise that you just keep putting off until Doomsday, when it won't matter anymore anyway.

It usually ends up as a large Petri dish for growing a whole range of bacteria cultures and a hotbed for contagious diseases.
A: Who's gonna take care of that backlog of dishes? It keeps piling up, I can't get into the kitchen anymore!
B: Why don't we take an easy route and just blow it up with a kilo of dynamite?
by voicelove March 17, 2011
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