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Simply, Italian for "Kisses" - but Baci is an excellent word for seeming intellectual and "urban cool," while actually stating you wish to lather somebody up.
"Ciao." (sexually charged pause) "Baci."

translated - "What's up." (sexually charged pause) "I want to cover your Thick-ness with my tongue."
by zanzara March 16, 2006
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The best thing that will ever happen to you. Baci is filled with love and just wants to be around family, although cheeky you could never stay mad at her. She will never be forgotten
Baci just chewed my slipper, but it made me laugh
by matisssssse June 05, 2018
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Something that's totally awesome and RAD

Could be a person or a thing
Girl1:Is that nirvana on your shirt?
Girl2: yes!
Girl1: That's SOO baci!!!
by Ally mccfarlane May 20, 2014
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