Not the above, certainly. A term of endearment, yes. Anything else, no. In the West 'Babber' means baby, obviously, but generally means 'mukker'; it is more general - 'right enough, west boy', would be an equivalent that nobody says. Or you could say 'Babber'.
'My word, your accent is from the West'

'Rather, me babber, tell any one else and I'll smash your teeth into your head'.
by charleswentworth July 5, 2013
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Worcester term of endearment for the uneducated. Equivalent of babe.
"Alright babber! How was the job centre?"
by Jamal Cake January 10, 2010
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A fast food item found on the secret menu at BoJangles. It’s so secret that even the employees don’t know about it
Costumer: Lemme get a Yellow Babber
Cashier: Look you about to get nothing. I’m not gonna play witchu. You gonna be Yellow Babberin and your ass still gonna be hungry
by Dexter1012 December 22, 2020
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When you shove your dick so far up her loose pussy it starts flapping like a bird
dam I gave Jenny the best flapper babber I can do.
by anothersickfuckonurbandic January 6, 2021
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when someone throws up on your right foot and u have really hot sex afterwards, then its called schlabber babber
"omg, vlad und ich hatten gestern schlabber babber"
by gekomagician September 12, 2022
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Buyer: What strains you got in?
Dealer: Got that good yellow babber in bro
by darkingle May 14, 2022
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The act of putting one’s hand against another’s while wiggling one’s fingers. Close to the kin of a handshake. It is a form of middle/high school greeting that was founded at a summer camp
Bro 1: “Tickle me babbers” Bro 2: “Tickle me babbers” Both Bros: “Ayyyyyyy
by The Noisome Quibble July 27, 2022
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