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Iya is the definition of great and amazing.

Iya is very loyal, unless you betray her and break her heart, forever losing her trust in you. Knowing the prior fact, please note that Iya is a very precious, fragile being. If you are dating an Iya, please know that you are one of the luckiest people on the planet. Iya will do anything she can to win back your trust after she makes a mistake and reminds you the she loves you every single day.

Often, the reason why Iya is so soft, fluffy and sweet is because she is so pretty to the point people demean her as a person and avoid her, making the love given to her special more than anything else.

So please, if you are friends with an Iya or by any chance, you are dating her, please make sure to reciprocate her love.
Person 1: Have you met Iya?

Person 2: No, why?

Person 1: You should! Iya is cute, soft, fluffy, sweet, and the most precious thing I've ever seen.

Person 2: Let me guess, Iya is your new girlfriend.

Person 1: Yeah. Iya is the greatest! Trust me. Let me introduce you sometime.
by thegreatestburger July 20, 2018
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Abbreviation of β€œin your area” meaning you are near or close to the other party, typically used to express a desire to meetup with the other party.
John: *text* β€œiya”
Dan: *text* β€œokay let’s meet at the Starbucks”
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by thevalleyboy March 30, 2019
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A sweet and funny girl that's always there for you, sometimes small and has great fashion sense. You want her to be your friend
Person 1 : You see that girl over there
Person 2 : oh yeah, she's so sweet her name must be Iya
by Iknowaperson January 29, 2018
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To greet someone with high enthusiasm and joy. Usally said with a wide grin on face. Pronounced the same as 'Hiya' but without the H.
*Best friend is sighted in town unexpectedly*

' 'iya! Fancy seeing you here, fancy a cup?'
by LauraMcFarlane January 03, 2009
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I.Y.A. is an abbreviation for "In Your Arms".
This may refer to a simple hug or where you'll find yourself after a night with a person.
by Mamoru75 March 17, 2011
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An abbreviation for 'In Your Ass' when someone is looking for something
Man: Yo dude do you know where is my keys?
Man's Friend: Yes dawg they are iya

can also merged with other accronyms. for example:

iyaotl (In Your Ass On The Left)
by Drumy August 09, 2008
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