In Ultimate Frisbee, the World's Greatest is a move in which a player jumps from within the boundaries of the field to retrieve a disc that has flown out of bounds. In order to pull off a World's Greatest, the player must jump from behind the boundary line, catch the disc in midair, and toss it back into the playing field before he or the disc lands out of bounds, which would result in a turnover. Other definitions of a World's Greatest are more specific. Often to truly be considered a World's Greatest, the disc must be caught by a teammate after returning in-bounds, and some variants state that the disc be caught in the opponent's endzone. To maximize glory while attempting the World's Greatest, a player should lay out while making the catch and subsequent toss. The more bones you break, muscles you pull, and teeth you lose while attempting the World's Greatest will increase your glory by a factor of holy shit. When used in speech, the World's Greatest is often shortened to "the Greatest."
"Oh my God! It's The World's Greatest!"

"Holy shit, did you see Dale pull off that Greatest just now? He's totally getting laid tonight!"
by Percival H. Manjob April 24, 2006
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If your a big dumb dumb the "Worlds Greatest Detective" is Batman if you search it up you'll either see a bunch of batman memes or a bunch of batman comics either way you'll see batman. to be honest i don't know why batman is called the "Worlds Greatest Detective" but i don't care because i love batman either way "No homo."
everyone: Batman is the "Worlds Greatest Detective."
Batman: Hmmm i can't seem to find jokers hideout?
Jokers hideout: "In Plane Sight."
by Legobatman2139 December 3, 2020
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Bar none, the world's greatest band has got to be Rammstein.

With Awesome lyrics, rock hard guitar riffs, and a tendancy to set things on fire, they undoubtedly surpass all in the area of awesomeness. Anyone with a differing opionion can go cut themselves because they have obviously not indulged in the miracle of Rammstein.

Till Lindemann-Lead Vocals
Oliver Reidel-Bass
Richard Kruspe-Guitar and backup vocals
Paul Landers-guitar and backup vocals
Christoph Schneider-Drums
Christian Lorenz-Keyboard/guy who always gets set on fire

Putting these six in a room creates a paradox of greatness that no one can escape.

Alex:Who? Smashmouth?

Chris: NO, You greasy bafoon, RAMMSTEIN *Slaps the shit out of alex*

by caboose1500 April 24, 2006
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In no particular order:
9. Eazy E
10. Tupac
11. Nate Dogg
12. Daz Dillinger
13. LL Cool J
14. GangStarr
15. Dude from J5 with deep voice (I forget his name)
16. Xzibit
17. M.O.P
18. DMX
19. Mos Def
20. Fabolous
21. Pharoah Monch
22. Mobb Deep
23. JadaKiss
24. Mc Wren
25. Slick Rick
26. Kurupt
27. DTP
28. Nas
29. Ice Cube
30. Tribe
by diego November 23, 2003
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1. Redman
2. Busta Rhymes
3. Notorious B.I.G
4. Eric Sermon, Parish Smith and Keith Murray.
5. Snoop Dogg (pre-2000)
6. Method Man
7. N.O.R.E
8. B. Real
by Diego September 16, 2003
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Why, I don't know but all I know is that your mom said you were the worlds greatest mistake
by Fuart December 20, 2016
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A condom developed to dissolve when it comes in contact with moisture.
Very similar to the "Fresh Breath Strips" you place on your tongue, the "World's Greatest Joke" simply disappears.
by StrategeryAndrew April 1, 2008
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