1.A ukranian girl has big boobs and is probably the prettiest thing you will ever see.
2. A ukranian boy is into stupid things and sometimes dresses like he lives in a dump, yet usually hot.
I wish I were a ukranian.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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really HOT ,not always friendly , but kind people dat have suffered a lot.
Look @ dat fuckin american he duznt even know wot real life is like , but he thinks he can judge ukrainians.
by Ukrainian October 29, 2003
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1. Best former Soviet Block ever!
2. One who eats bread + salted lard.
3. One who comes from the biggest country in Europe with a shit-poor economy.
4. An answer u get when u ask me if i'm Russian.
He's ukrainian cuz he eats 'xlib' and 'salo'.
by Ivan D. June 27, 2005
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the slavic language of the ukrainians, closely related to russian
Truth be told, there are a considerable number of Ukrainian speakers in -- yes -- Brazil.
by azer November 11, 2002
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Realy hot these ukranian girls are. They r really cool to hang out with. they are really smart but dont let that fool you. They have a big imagination. if u know what i mean. They r really good at bumping and grinding on the dance floor. each dance they go to they mix it up. if ur a guy that dances with one. u will have a nice ass shake all over ur crotch area and u would b lucky. they r really nice and laugh ALOT!!!! but its really cute and i think if a guy gets with one, he might not be able to take it. they seem they can get pretty intense when ur in the moment, but us guys will have to find out.
dang mayn, i saw u dancing with that ukranian.

haha yea im so lucky. she moves hella nice, nice everything on her.
cant wait till i dance with that ukranian girl again
by bobby mcdanile February 25, 2009
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The act of cracking two eggs and dumping the yoke on to a woman's vagina, then eating it out.
Guy 1: So the other day I had a Ukranian Breakfast...
Guy 2: No way! I heard those are the shit!
by pringlekid March 29, 2010
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When your Ukranian roommate takes a two hour shit in the shared bathroom using no less than half a roll of toilet paper - complete with grunting noises - then closes the door when he exits because he is afraid of the smell. However, contrary to his efforts to decrease the smell of ambient shit, the bathroom becomes an olfactory cesspool.
I couldn't even shower this morning due to Roman's Ukranian Sauna. Oh yeah, and we need more toilet paper.
by Del Playa Gauchos June 29, 2009
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