The best thing in the world better then most of the most successful people in the world. He lover everyone and he is hot and sexy
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the greatest name to ever be created. no other names even come close to its greatness. it is usually refered to the best one in the community. see smart, attractive and all other positive and praising adjectives in the english language.
god used to be called ayman but ayman wasnt easy to pronounce so it became god
by ana January 26, 2004
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Usually a muslim male, but in some countries, this is a female name. Ayman can mean either, the right hand, blessed, lucky or the star in the night sky. Normally pure hearted, Ayman is one of the most loyal person you can know, and an amazing friend. Earning money will take some time to get used to, but he will pull through and be considered upper class. Will remain loyal to their true love who will also be just perfect for them; Wavy black hair with highlights, hourglass shaped body, dimples. They will know each other for longer than they think and may not have any plans at first, but one day, they will realize how much they love each other. His significant other will have a name that start from S - Z. Aymans are close to god. The name itself was said in the Quran to be gods right hand. The name also means the star in the night sky; Even in darkness, he will shine.
1: hey is that Ayman?
2: Yea I think thats him walking with his girlfriend.

1: Yeah, her name started with a S right?
2: I dont know, might have been T, U, V, W, X, Y. I think its Z.


1: Dang Ayman started racking in fast!
2: Yeah, well his name clearly means blessed.
by Annonymous [221] August 18, 2019
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Such a smart and badass boy.
Oh man he such an Ayman
by lol anonymous January 5, 2018
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is a nice guy who everybody thinks he has a pure heart but in fact, he is fucking your girlfriend while your gone
have you seen Ayman?
yeah, he was with that hot chick Suzi
wait .. what .. that's my girlfriend !!!!!!
by uniquey July 18, 2018
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Ayman is someone that is very intelligent smart stunning beautiful amazing caring loving kind hearted and a remarkable influencer and very loved by people and is always loyal
by FromTheBest June 6, 2019
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If your a boy with this name, ur most likely arab, however if ur a girl then ur def a paki. Ayman's are rly caring and they don't like eating for some reason. They usually get called by their friends like "Ayyyy Mannn" they either like this or hate it to death.
Bruh why isn't he/she eating?
Damn that's probably Ayman
by marykhan2345 June 2, 2020
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