Your style is unique fresh also if you are listening to new unique beat or song.
is something so cool n chill to use
oh damn your outfit so wavy where did you get that...
aye that haircut looks wavy which barber did that....
by Chino4Life January 26, 2018
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I can barely remember what I did last night, that liquor had me too wavy.
by LegendthaGod September 10, 2016
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adj.) To be fly, impressively dressed, attention seeking through the way you're clothed. To wear nice attire.
Damn girl!, that guy Phats over there is so wavy!
by Phat$ Dolla$ May 22, 2008
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Got swag, got style, well dressed, clean , fresh, mobbin, dope as fuck.
Detroit,MI Artist goes by the name of wavy. @ItsWavy on twitter. join the Wave or catch a fade.
by Wavy April 10, 2012
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something that is cool, fun, good, anything for the upside
by amar_bellamente August 20, 2015
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A female who has it all (beautiful face, nice top, round bottom and trill personality).

*Term used by jiggy niggas.
Did you see that wavy girl? Her booty stupid.

Damn look at that wavy mama.
by Jiggy Nigga Uno October 4, 2015
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To drip in finesse, to exude swag effortlessly, to give the Rihanna feel, to look suave
I looked so wavy wearing the hoodie I got from ALT&T last night.
Get yours, let's be wavy together.
by Sussi_mg October 9, 2018
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