Informal sign language gesture meant to convey awkwardness of the person making the sign, usually in a group conversation that takes place face-to-face.

Can be used to show awkwardness regarding many things, like abrupt changes in conversation topic, sudden hit on the opposite sex, anything in the TMI realm, etc.

The sign is made by placing the left hand out flat, in front of you, palm down, thumb sticking out to the right. The right hand is then put directly on top of the left hand, palm down, with the thumb pointing to the left. Both thumbs are then moved back and forth to mimic the fins of a swimming sea turtle.

Make the sign a few inches in front of your stomach, not to far away from your body.
Alan: "So, THEN what happened?"
Jill: "Our guide quickly fixed my harness, and we zipped to the next tree in the rain forest."
Rob:" That is totally cool! How far up were you?"
Jill: "At least 200 feet. Sometimes more. The whole thing was over a mile long. Took us hours."
Alan: "Tell me you weren't scared, and I'll call you a liar."
Jill: "Well I..."
Edward: "Your Facebook photo is pretty."
Rob: <awkward turtle>
by citiz3n February 22, 2010
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Hand gesture made with both hands, one on top of the other while rotating the thumbs, that resembles a turtle. Performed when an awkward moment occurs, or when recounting an awkward moment.
Rosie "When Will visited me here once they let him in my room, which was weird because they don't let boys in the boarding house. So I felt special, but then they came in and he had to leave. Turns out they thought he was my brother, not my boyfriend, so they let him in. Fail."

Morrigan "LOL!!"

Rosie "Biggest fail ever AND on way out girl who I know's mum came in and was like "OH ROSIE. IS THIS YOUR BROTHER? YOU LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE!". And awkward turtle was done"
by Velvet Letters September 13, 2010
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In common useage in essex. Whenever an awkward or tense situation arises, the tenseness can be examplified by this gesture. You hold one hand out straight with fingers splayed. The other hand goes on top with the fingers curling in between the gaps in the fingers. Now all fingers curl to make a sphere (the shell of the turtle). Finally the thumbs on both hands are rotated.
Man 1: Man she's fit.

Man 2: Dude, that's my sister.


Passer-by does Awkward Turtle.
by Awkward! May 09, 2010
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Noun: The gesture of making a turtle with your hands to signify and awkward moment

Adjective: To describe an uncomfortable moment
Noun: She made an Awkward Turtle

Adjective: That was awkward turtle as!
by TQWEE December 15, 2009
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The animal mascot of the awkward moment.

When you're in an awkward moment, place your hands on top of each other, and spin your thumbs forward. Thus creating the creature known as awkward turtle.
Oh my god, so I was talking to Becky about STDs and I forgot she had syphillis... it was mad awkward turtle
by Ursula mit dem kalten Loch April 11, 2015
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The awkward turtle was originated from many awkward situations where a man would take his pants off before sex, and due to a lack of girth and or size would make the situation very awkward thus also shriveling the ballsack. The tiny penis/shriveled sack combination looks similar to a turtle with it's head poking out, picture a turtle upside down in its shell.

This phrase was soon brought out of the bedroom and applied to everyday awkward situations, but all refer back to that original awkward turtle moment when the awkward turtle first appeared and the woman mysteriously got a horrible headache...

The awkward turtle is symbolized by placing one hand, open, palm facing down, thumb out to the side on top of your other hand, palm facing down, thumb out. The thumbs are then wiggled or rotated in tiny circles to signify the awkward tension.
Her: Are you ready?
Him: Yeah, let me take my pants off...
Her: *Gasp*
Him: It gets bigger!!
Her: I just got a really bad headache... I think I'm allergic to your tiny, pathetic penis.

This moment describes the awkward turtle.
by AreDub December 28, 2007
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