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To nit-pick on a creative project that is not your own, usually focusing on minor details that eventually stack up and change the look and feel of the piece. Very unnerving to the creative in charge of the project, especially if the pixel fucker is standing right behind the creative during the production.
Account Exec: Hey...you finish editing that spot yesterday?
Editor: Hell no! I thought we were going to be done by lunch time, but the stupid client pixel fucked it until midnight. He'll be here in a hour for more.
by citiz3n August 20, 2007
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Warning that fecal matter is now present in a body of water, and leaving the area would be highly recommended or mandatory. Mostly used in public pools, hot tubs, or bathtubs when bathing small children.
Maria: "Hey Kerry...you back from the pool so soon?"
Kerry: "Yeah" (sigh), "can't swim until tomorrow...my daughter found a turd in the shallow end and the lifeguard called a Code Brown."
by citiz3n February 15, 2010
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Informal sign language gesture meant to convey awkwardness of the person making the sign, usually in a group conversation that takes place face-to-face.

Can be used to show awkwardness regarding many things, like abrupt changes in conversation topic, sudden hit on the opposite sex, anything in the TMI realm, etc.

The sign is made by placing the left hand out flat, in front of you, palm down, thumb sticking out to the right. The right hand is then put directly on top of the left hand, palm down, with the thumb pointing to the left. Both thumbs are then moved back and forth to mimic the fins of a swimming sea turtle.

Make the sign a few inches in front of your stomach, not to far away from your body.
Alan: "So, THEN what happened?"
Jill: "Our guide quickly fixed my harness, and we zipped to the next tree in the rain forest."
Rob:" That is totally cool! How far up were you?"
Jill: "At least 200 feet. Sometimes more. The whole thing was over a mile long. Took us hours."
Alan: "Tell me you weren't scared, and I'll call you a liar."
Jill: "Well I..."
Edward: "Your Facebook photo is pretty."
Rob: <awkward turtle>
by citiz3n February 22, 2010
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To be really busy at a computer, usually in a frantic manner, as in trying to hit a looming deadline. May have a slightly biased reference to programming or writing, but can relate to any work done on the computer. Refers to the first sex letters on a standard English keyboard.
Nevin: You see Vanessa?
Julius: Yeah...but don't bother her. The magazine goes to the printer in less than an hour and she's all qwerty.
by citiz3n August 20, 2007
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Three condiments most found at American backyard cookouts: ketchup, mustard, and pickle relish.
Bob: "What can I bring to the party?"
Earl: "I got the all the meat, buns, chips, and pop already."
Bob: "You got condiments?"
Earl: "Just the American Trinity. Can you bring some salsa?"
Bob: "Done."
by citiz3n February 15, 2010
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A person who is a "go between" for someone who does not have a Facebook account, but still wants to know what is going on in the world of Facebook.

The Fambassidor will sometimes just tell them what is going on (read status updates and such aloud to them), but often will log onto their own account, step aside, and let the non-Facebook person snoop around.
Girl 1: "You hear what Chris is doing today?"
Girl 2: "I did! He's a nut case."
Girl 1: "How'd you know? He updated his status and then took off immediately. You're not on Facebook."
Girl 2: "I know...got a Fambassidor. She keeps me in the loop."
by citiz3n February 15, 2010
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"For Position Only"

1) In the graphic design world, these three letters are usually written large (and possibly in red letters to call attention to them) on a photo, illustration etc. that will be replaced with the actual one at a later time. Used in creating graphic design concepts when the designer does not have all of the artwork yet.

2) An object, possession, or anything else that will eventually be replaced with a nicer version very soon.
1) John: "Dude...I didn't know that Evangeline Lilly was the spokesperson for that new Kia Sedona ad you're working on."
Evan: "Down boy. I just downloaded it off the internets...it's FPO. We have the actual photo shoot this Friday with the real model. They can't afford Kate from Lost.
John: "Oh. Right."

2) Diann: "Did I see you driving your mom's 10 year old mini-van?"
Carrie: "Yeah. But it's FPO. I pick up my new Jetta tomorrow.
Diann: "Sweet!"
by citiz3n February 25, 2010
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