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Automotive locksmith is a locksmith service man capable of generating car keys and repairing ignition problems. Such locksmith is also able to fix your vehicle lock mechanisms and simply unlock your vehicle. Usually skills vary from one locksmith to another.
I had to call an automotive locksmith when I managed to lose my car keys.
by EA Locksmith Inc February 17, 2017
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A person who mispronounces the word New York is most likely to mispronounce other words due to being dielectric, awareness is necessary to rewire the brain (speech therapy) words like "marote" might be common instead of remote.
I travelled to Younork
by EA Locksmith Inc October 24, 2023
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Originally heard from a Yiddish language-speaking man describing something done at a minimal level while there is a better way. Disappointment, or lack of satisfaction about something.
Example 1 - All I can say about that poor job - "Azohun-Vey"
Example 2 - How was the sex? "Azohun-Vey"
Example 3 - What can you say about your first marriage? "Azohun-Vey"
by EA Locksmith Inc February 2, 2021
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