1 definition by gerberho

the emotional aggregate of a professional; extreme anger or hatred towards children;

also: manic depressive disorder linked to childhood defamation; a character flaw causing chaotic circumstances; evil in its purest form
(Emotional Aggregate): Believing that mundane activities make you a professional, such as waking up at dawn for no apparent reason, bathing in cologne, and degrading those close to you for not conforming to your own psychotic subconscious standards that you have created for yourself. You display authoritarianism.

(Hatred Towards Children): Beating, maiming, or murder of a pre-pubescent citizen on grounds with out much substance, for example, shoving a child's face into sand because his shoelace is untied or he called you Glenn Humplick.

(Manic Depressive Example): Walking down street in wet t-shirt and getting back slapped by town bully at a young age, causing backlash at close friends because you locked away the pain.

(Character Flaw): destroying the personal property of others or causing others to cower in fear over the fact that you are flying around like a tornado, speaking in toungues, face afire.

(Evil): Anything a manifestation of the above; professionalism at its absolute worst.
by gerberho July 25, 2006