Depressive disorder is a something that happens in the brain...the serotonin cells in the brain just are not enough to stay happy. So the person can be diagnosed with the disorder at any time. The people who live or know someone with it can have a hard time dealing with the person. It is not the person's fault that their body can't produce the serotonin that is need in the body.
I was diagnosed with depressive disorder sometime back, can you help me out doctor?
by Fiaka March 18, 2010
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A condition affectiong conventioneers upon returning home. Symptoms include hangover (usually on the 1st day after return from convention) , lack of satisfaction in life because you're not at convention and checking the calendar every day to see how long until the next convention. Sufferers often write inconsequential messages on facebook or texts to other sufferers. This temporarily seems to provide some relief, but the effect doesn't last.
Sorry, I'm just not happy. I think I have Post Convention Depression Disorder.
by Chim007 January 14, 2011
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the feeling of emptiness and sadness after watching a movie or even series whether it be sad or happy or anything else. Usually occurring when watching a movie which puts you in a place beautiful and dreamy like an Italian countryside or some exotic planet. You feel a certain feeling watching it which leads to sadness knowing you will never be there or do that.
“I feel like I’ve got post movie depression disorder after watching call me by your name last week, the movie was so beautiful i wish i could be there”
by Madydd May 5, 2020
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The depression suffered during the part of the year when your favorite sport is not in season.
"Hey buddy, why you so down these days?"

"I have that thing... you know, Off-seasonal Depression Disorder. Baseball doesn't start again until April."
by AlgernonFTW September 21, 2011
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this disorder only exists by the term "sex".
if you talk alot about sex you will get this disorder
yeah idk some random psychiatrist was saying this in a group chat whenever i said sex
me: "sex"
that psychiatrist: "you have a major depressive disorder :The W bird image:"
by Somerealfax April 18, 2022
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A voice in your head that makes you feel depressed, though you can mute it but you don’t really want to
by ImAFluidSexual April 2, 2021
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