5 definitions by Benno

a dick heads analogy of saying mouth...
student to teacher... shut yo mudd!!!
by Benno March 5, 2005
A cobber from the awsome race we call Australians. He or she is likely to excell in all kinds of sports, drinking beer, talking the ear of a grasshopper or just being a plain old funny prick.
The aussie who didn't give a fuck what other countries talk shit about, drank 45 beers after watching the footy.
by Benno June 10, 2003
poor defines some one that has no assets or money, adding dog changes the meaning to some one to look down upon. some one you feel is below your self or is embarraising them self etc...
man that dudes a fukn poor dog aye...?
plural: that group are a bunch of fukn poor dog(s)
by Benno March 5, 2005
dating in an exclusive, committed sense (somewhat archaic; the term is used in the film Bye Bye Birdie, for example)
Sally and Jim have been going steady now for three months.
by Benno February 11, 2004
for some one who is either black or trying to be... attempting to speak and say dog cunt...
student to teacher... shut your mudd you dawg kent... hmmm...
by Benno March 5, 2005