Nowadays used to describe an Australian of Anglo and/or Caucasian/White appearance or background. I am a Sydney-Sider and this view is most prominent in the youth. But in saying this I cannot speak with absolute certainty whether this perception is Australian wide (Although I have friends and relatives in every State and Territory who are aware of this view). I personally resent this label as a way of identifying the "Anglo/White" community as, I myself come from a Latino background but was BORN and BRED here in Australia and feel as much "aussie" as any other Australian! Australia is a multicultural country and no matter our background/race we are ALL the same nationality! When we go overseas and tell people our nationality we say we are AUSSIE and this is how the rest of the world sees us, AS AUSSIES!!!
1) You ask ANY kid of ANY background who is a aussie and they will tell you someone who is most likely of "first fleet/convict" descent or a "White person" who's close to it. We also use the term "natio/nasho" to ask each other what background we are, when in fact most of us are ALL the same nationality(natio/nasho) which is aussie
2) The older generations will most likely know what you are talking about but do not share the same critical belief that only "White/Anglo" people are aussies as our parents have a stronger sense of being an "aussie"
3) If Australians as a community need to have a way of identifying so-called "Aussies" I think we should reclaim the less common word "Skip" so aussie can be inclusive to all backgrounds
4) No matter whether you be a Latino, African, Fob, Abo, Azn or Wog we are all aussie!
by Ricco Chico August 10, 2007
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An Australian from (Obiously) the country of Australia & is native blood & is as 'BLOODY ELL! PROUD! to be from Australia'

also a person from the BEST! country in the WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDD!!!
Aussie, Australian, kid from Australia, Steve Irwin, person from Australia
by Jer-Hey!!! November 12, 2008
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A word describing a resident of the country of Australia; it should remain as a cute, light and friendly term to refer to Australians, and it should never be considered offensive or derogatory.

It should be noted that it is statistically proven that Aussies are among the most intelligent people in the world, as their country is ranked toward the top of the world's smartest nations (Google it up, it's true!). The male Australian accent is also among the most desired by non-Australian women.

Aussies are known to be great boxers, excellent naturalists, amazing writers and creative filmmakers...

The rest of the world should respect and appreciate them, because they're beyond awesome!
I'm a yank, and I love the Aussies!
by BranDE February 22, 2014
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A person, male (bloke) or female (sheila) from Australia. Known for their slang. (other countries can't understand it) Can talk the ear of a sink and will talk to everyone. always offers help, even to people who they don't know. even travlers from other countries. also swears a lot.
pom: excuse me can you tell me how to get to town.
aussie: sure, you take a f**king 212 bus and then you f**king get of on queen street.you got that mate?
pom: Thanks
Aussie: no problem mate.
by happyweirdo01 April 15, 2009
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Another word for an Australian; a person usually living in Australia or whose parent/s are Australian. There are many stereotypes for Australians, such as them drinking too much beer, being dumb and ugly, all of them being farmers, living in the outback, riding kangaroos to school/work and having pet koalas, always wearing singlets and thongs (the shoes, that is!), using slang all the time, eating wombats and kangaroo, and overall being an idiot that nobody likes. Despite what many non-Australians might think (especially Americans), THIS IS NOT TRUE. While some Aussies may use slang, some may be farmers, and most drink beer, the majority of us are just like any other Western culture, such as in America or New Zealand.

Many great celebrities are also Australians, including Delta Goodrem, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Elle MacPherson, The Veronicas, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Hogan and Lleyton Hewitt.
This is a false stereotype of an Aussie -

Jacko: G'day, mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie, mate!

Stevo: Bloody beaut idea, mate!

This is something more true-to-life -

Tom: Hey, Kate! How are ya?

Kate: Yeah, good. Have you seen Daniel around lately, by any chance?

Tom: Nah, not for a while. Didn't he say he was going to some party or something?

Kate: Yeah, you're probably right.
by An Aussie named Elle May 11, 2008
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people born in AUSTRALIA.

they speak too fast & their accent is ridiculous!

most of them are nice & not racist. some are really arrogant & stupid.

they love to ask, "HOW U GOING?" and tourists often answer, "BY BUS."

this pipols don't cares if you're nots goods is ENGLISH. (if u care, ur not aussie!)

they dont laugh when indians speak english, sometimes i guess.. ^^

they're not avid fans of basketball coz they LOVE FOOTY <3

they hit the booze every weekends.

most of them are good drivers. if u see someone speeding, that someone isnt AUSSIE. prolly an ALIEN or TERRORIST-looking people.

when they reached 18, they separate houses from their parents. they wonder why asians dont.

i reckon almost all aussies LOVE DOGS! <3

they love vegemite! (yuck! but respect to that)

im not aussie. but i LOVE them coz i got lovely aussie friends! <3 OI OI OI.. oink! ^.^
ME: (smiles)

lol.. LOVE AUSSIES! <3
by stranger ^^ January 10, 2011
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