A derogatory term for the peoples of Australia, otherwise known as porcine dross.

Australians are flatulent, ugly, boorish and generally have the intellectual capacity of a slug. Universally loathed the world over, Aussies often delude themselves into believing they are a superior to other nations because they are world champions in minority sports such as women’s netball and toad racing

Widely ridiculed as utterly useless Aussies are in fact quite well suited to menial work such as pulling pints for Englishmen in London where they provide a valuable source of cheap labour.
The Aussies whineged incessantly as the Kiwis and Poms beat them again.
by Kiwi Bob August 14, 2006
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1. They most retarded race of people on the plant.
2. Baddie
3. Anyone with an IQ of 60 or lower.
4. Dislike
God, you couldn't kill a level 1. You must be an Aussie.
by Kinkersdagreat April 17, 2010
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A nickname for Austin. Also, a line of hair products. They produce Shampoo&Conditioners, Hairspray, Mousse, etc. Smells great.
by especial June 17, 2009
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An aussie is a person belonging to an unhealthy, unhygenic, arrogant, overweight, drunk, ugly and rodent like species. Aussie's tend to have sexual intercoarse with their siblings and this is a normal practice in their households. An overwhelming majority of the species are racist and unemployed. In turn they live off hard working persons tax payments. The majority of these hard workers are in fact lebonese. Back to the filthy creatures, Aussie. Overall, they are blatantly, socially delayed, unethical, inbred, morbid and tend to abuse illicit drugs like marijuana. They are also under the influence of alchaholic beverages the majority of the time and start drinking at 10am. The also walk around barefoot and need to invest in shoes.
Anyone who calls themself Australian is an Aussie and they usually have red knecks.
by 123#321 July 07, 2011
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A person from Australia. We kick ass.
And the funny thing is, even though you think you're offending us by calling us cock smokers and convicts, we actually don't give a shit. So call us what you like. Waste time 'insulting' us.
We're the best fucking people on Earth.

Living in the best fucking country on Earth.
Deal with it. Mate.
POM: You Aussies are fucking criminals who kicked out the Aboriginals and spend your days drinking and swearing!

Us: Meh. *goes and lives a good life while you fucking poms keep trying to insult us*
by Proud_Aussie December 06, 2012
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aussie is a non-kiwi. Live on alcohol and koalas. Ancestors were convicts. Suck at rugby. Have horrid nasal accents that get them in crap in France. Generally suck.

Emigrate over to NZ because we're obviously better.
by Bonniekins August 17, 2006
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a bogan, sometimes refered as a w**ka by most people. usualy found in singlet with smelly feet. Many have had bad experience loosing fights with wogs, such as lebanese
people shout out 'oi aussie'
by richothelebo May 17, 2007
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