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It's something you call a person with a flock of seagulls hairstyle, which was the trademark of the 80's new wave band "A Flock of Seagulls"
Jules (Pulp Fiction): You, Flock of Seagulls, you know what we're here for??

Roger a.k.a. Flock of Seagulls: Yes

Jules: Then why don't you tell my boy here Vince, where you got the shit hid.
by dhanush33352 March 25, 2020

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Having immense love for Butterflies or Getting attracted to Butterflies!!
Uma Thurman: I had a thing for butterflies

Me: Butterfly Fetish!!
by dhanush33352 April 24, 2020

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A cop or a police officer in the United States!!
The Wolf: Now, if we come across the path of any John Q Laws, no body does a fuckin' thing till I do something. What did I say??

Jules: Don't do shit unless

The Wolf: Unless what??

Jules: Unless you do it first

The Wolf: Spoken like a true prodigy
by dhanush33352 April 25, 2020

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A German phrase meaning until we meet again or till I see you again, used as a farewell.

This is the formal and polite way to say the goodbye.
Dr. King Schultz: Normally Monsieur Candie, I would say, auf wiedersehen. But since what auf wiedersehen actually means is, till I see you again, and since I never wish to see you again, to you sir, I say, Goodbye!!
by dhanush33352 May 03, 2020

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