She's a very good gorgeous girl with a great personality she is very nice maybe even to nice but she will always be there for you even if u let her down she has a huge booty and is slim thick every guy falls for her but she won't give it up to just anyone she is loyal and when you get her kepp her because she's a dime
Candie is so gorgeous she lights up any room.
by Alex Orozco December 23, 2016
A very kind hearted, giving woman. Has a smile that lights up a room and eyes that radiate love. Incredible faith in God. Great mother. Dotes on her man. Can soften the heart of any man and break down even the strongest walls. A woman you have searched for all your life
Man 1 - I met this woman at church
Man 2 - oh yeah? Tell me about her
Man 1 - I don't know what to say other than I think she's a Candie
by Lucky Huckleberry March 4, 2016
Candie is an amazing person if you Meet her you will never wanna let her go because she's gorgeous,and a great friend you can be bsf with her but she's taken some people say she's a slut (people that r jeaulous tht cant have her) but you would want to her to know her she's amazing💕
Guy:who is that she finee!!
Girl:its candie duhh

Guy:is she taken

Girl: i dont know she might be cause she Finee asf!!
by _godddess_ March 9, 2018
A combination of the word Canada and Indie. Used to describe independent / indie music from Canada.
Girl: "I just picked up that awesome Sloan album."
Guy: "Cool. What type of music would you say they are?"
Girl: "I suppose they'd be classified as candie rock / rock candie."
by Candie Eater December 8, 2010
To be a very naughty high school girl, who likes to be fucked be a nice guy
"Candie is going to love this definition"
"Candie you are such a sexy girl ;)"
by Komodian December 11, 2014
She's a stripper with love handles and stretch marks to spare. She's crazy and will try to steel any man possible. She never learned to keep her legs closed. She abandons children for her own benifit.

She enjoys committing fraud and taking money from boyfriends, exes, and family
1. See that girl on stage. She is definitely a Candie on the pole.

2. Jill: Here about the bank robbery?
Jack: yeah, crazy huh?
Jill: Such a Candie move.
by The gurl n-xed door August 20, 2010