1 definition by B@by C@kes

A person who, regardless of whether or not they are attached, will seek out the attention of other males/females to make themself feel important. Usually found on internet forums and voice programs using whatever charms, bodily parts, etc. they may have to make themself appear more attractive to the opposite sex, even though it couldn't be farther from the truth. Some attention whores become agitated and intimidated when another member of the same sex garners more attention than themself and they become hostile and lash out. Will do almost anything to get the attention they seek including posing naked or half naked for pictures and posting them everywhere for all to see...and become increasingly sick to.
Flashgirl is such an attention whore. With what can only be described as delirious self misperception of her "beauty" and likeability, she is like an annoying little monkey hanging from everyone's nuts at once.
by B@by C@kes July 05, 2005
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