15-year-old girl who uses her babysitting money to buy some lacey underwear from Target, and then spends hours taking pouty, low-quality B&W pictures of herself in said underwear with her bedroom door locked, after which she posts them to her LiveJournal for men in their 30s to check out. Cam whores can be males looking for attention, but typically are not.
The Internet is being taken over by cam whores, one blog at a time.
by Ashley the Penguin November 16, 2003
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someone who spends a good portion of the day taking pictures of him or her self, using digital camera, computercam, or picture phone. you can identify a cam whore using these guidelines:
a) you are viewing a page on lj, myspace, friendster, flicker, a blog, or some other self-publishing/publicizing site
b) the subject is wearing a serious, seductive, pouty, or emo expression
c) the subject is complete with hipster clothes and / or hoodie, dark eye makeup, tousled hair, and some kind of prop or accessory ( ie, huge earrings, guitar, pet, trucker hat )
d) cam whores are usually identified by the tell-tale missing-forearm, a side-effect of holding a camera and pointing it at yourself. the alternate side-effect is a shot of the cam whore sitting in front of a desktop computer, looking off slightly to the left or right, with their hand placed on a mouse, in really bad lighting, due to the nature of computer cams
e) these pictures usually come in large groups, repeating the same ( d ) and ( b ), providing an alternate ( c ), and on multiple ( a )s.
i considered meeting him irl, but after i visited his myspace profile, i discovered he was a total cam whore.
by ella longpre December 19, 2005
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1. Male and female narcissists loving to take pictures of themselves and post them onto their myspace account.
2. Shallow Taiwanese teenage drama queens that consider themselves good-looking and insightful, usually running a wretch.com blog and posting pictures of themselves doing the so-called "sweet" or "tempting" or "cool" poses that are so uniformed that they're lackluster and idiotic (usually the exact rip-off of some crappy pop music album covers). Usually the "sweet" ones enjoy a certain level of popularity in school as the leaders of cliques and are therefore egomaniacs feeding on the attention. The "cool" ones are usually into their "punk" or "dark" or "emo" style, but only limited in appearance in a half-assed way. The best thing most of them can do is cheap but heavy makeup and ear piercings(other parts hurt too much for them). In fact the only "rock" music they can think of is the Taiwanese sell-out May Day and that commercialized has-been Avril Lavigne. In addition to what's mentioned above, these people write a lot in their blogs to show how much of writers they are, sadly their stuff are either hack-worked romantic novel rip-off or things that are too incomprehensive if you are too smart.
However, due to cultural and legal reasons they don't post topless pictures of themselves. It made me wonder what purpose these people can serve.
Thank you for reading the trash talk!
I saw your wretch blog the other day, bitch! You surely look much better through your webcam. You cam whore! Why can't you take off your T-shirt and do some real thing?
by Pro Bono June 17, 2006
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uh...83% of all photos submitted to UD
check out emo they are constantly adding new cam hoes
by T. Lex July 4, 2005
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A girl who uses websites like MySpace to build up an audience for whom to take daily images of herself in hopes of getting praise and compliments from said audience. This is done in hopes of getting an ego boost. Cam whores are typically vain, self-centered girls. Cam whoring is addictive and will ultimately lead to a withdrawal from normal life in favor of the online life where everyone is full of praise and compliments. Symptoms of addiction include increased vanity, increased ego, decreased motivation for anything other than cam whoring, increased spending on new outfits and cameras, decreased tolerance for anyone not kissing your ass and telling you how hot you are. The only known cure is a 100% cold turkey deletion of MySpace and all similar accounts. With time the symptoms will subside, but beware as they are prone to resurface.
Morgan is such a cam whore since she signed up with MySpace. I wish we could have our old Morgan back!
by N3R.N3R September 13, 2007
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Typically girls from the ages 12-18 that spend hours a day taking photos of themselves in various poses that seem all too much the same. Their body types can pretty well be anything, from that fat girl in your gym class that never wears a shirt that fits her (Ew, rolls.) or that anorexic girl with her stuffed bra.
"Gawd, Jennifer is such a cam whore - I bet she posted herself in the emo images on UD."

"Eww. Jocelyn is so gross, she takes pictures of herself then asks people constantly if she is hot! She's got fat rolls bigger than Pamela Anderson's tits!"
by Myms July 26, 2005
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One that posts endless pictures of themselves on the internet for people to see. The most severe cases keep posting new pictures just like the ones they posted the day before, and the day before that, and so on.

Also, many of them are hot. (see Carrie Ann Brown)
Nice cleavage, cam whore.

ps- youarehot!
by Robert Turner February 13, 2003
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