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A lazy (not to mention retarded) way of typing the word Asian. Usually, azns are crappy typers, and dress "gangsta" with their loud rap blasting from their cars.

Sure, having pride is your race is good, but calling other people names isn't.
aZnB01: yo man j00 cumin 2 da parta3???!!?!??
aZng4ngst4B01: yayayyayayayayyay!!1!1!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1

sm3xy4ZNG1R1: ewwewewwww wut da fk u t4lk1n bout????????
aznpryd34lyfeee3: stfubiatsh!!!1!!!!!1one!!!11eleven!!!1!
by Disclaimed September 9, 2007
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A group of teenage girls who think they are superior to all the others. Most of them are very rich, or should I say they're parents are. They usually wear things from Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and other "preppily popular" clothing stores. They're accessories (sunglasses, purses..) come from expensive designer brands, such as Prada, Armani, etc.

Alot of preps don't care about school (most can afford to go to private schools). All they need is their clique, their usually prep/jock boyfriend, and the ability to go partying until 3 am.

The more "smarter" preps are nicer to people outside group, and are actually getting good grades and have talent for something.

Preps usually listen to pop, or anything popular (in their group). They watch those "teenage shows" such as The O.C. Many of them are against people who don't dress or act like them. Some of the nicer ones can tolerate punks, goths, etc. Gossiping is a favorite pastime.

-Disclaimed's Opinion :D-
I'm not exactly friends with many preps, but some, very few are actually tolerable. I hate cliques, they are retarded. Also, the clothing stores they shop at are extremely overrated, so I wouldn't step foot in one.
Conversation between 2 Preps ;)

Prep Girl 1: OMG!! Hey Krissy, like, my daddy got me a new camera!! My old was that I got like a month ago is sooo out!!

Prep Girl 2: You are like, so lucky! MY daddy bought me this cuute Marc Jacobs purse!!

Prep Girl 1: Lets like soo take a photo together, and then I can like put it on my Facebook!!
by Disclaimed August 26, 2007
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There are sorta 2 versions of attention whores (they are usually girls). These kind of people are also known as drama queens. Ironically, it means that they like to cause a commotion and act as the victim.

Internet attention whore is a girl who joins forums, blogs, etc. They like to flirt with guys and act stupid and are usually very, very spammy. They post pictures of themselves (see cam whore) and say how ugly they feel (to generate compliments). If you feel ugly, why did you put yourself up? COMMON SENSE!! Alot of them are pretty good at Photoshop and all those editing stuff (which is pretty much their only talent). There are also those attention whores who know a couple of famous people, and post a lot of pictures of them with the famous person. A funny thing about these people: ever notice how most of their friends are guys, and girl friends are usually just like them?

Real life attention whores are people who have a strong craving for attention. When the light isn't focused on them, they desperately look for a way to make people notice them. RL attention whores constantly change the way they look. A good example is hair. They get these really weird looking hairstyles, with neon colors and other stuff. They usually have bad attitudes, but can be nice sometimes. Real life attention whores are also sometimes online attention whores.
Online attention whore on her blog: hey loozers!! posted up some pics for all my fans (tehe). SHOUTOUTS 2 MY BITCHES NIKKI AND JAC!!! <3 Ash-bash

Real life attention whore talking: Like, what the hell? That is sooo rad!! F*** yeah!
by Disclaimed August 23, 2007
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Okay, first of all. I'm talking about a game called Maple Story. If you don't know the game, this might seem a bit confusing to you.

A usually high leveled NX whoring character (boy or girl) with a ridiculously high amount of fame (150+). Sure, there are some people who are generally nice and actually deserve that fame. But, the majority of them are fame whores.

Fame whores are people who ask for free fame, or set up game rooms asking for free fame (in their best looking NX clothes, of course). Some fame whoring girls (usually girls) sweet talk a weak minded, testosterone filled teenaged boy, in attempt to gain fame and free stuff. ....SLUTS!!

~Disclaimed's Opinion :D~
I HATE FAME WHORES. Need I say more?
xCuteS1nx1: y halo thar <3
V13TB01LUL: hi cutie <3
-Conversation goes on with excessive amounts of flirting-
xCuteS1nx1: ya...i was wonderin. can u fame me pwetty pwease?
V13TB01LUL: sure, anything for u ;)
xCuteS1nx1: (after being famed) ya i gtg now, cya (ditches)

xCuteS1nx1 (buddy chat): lol i just got famed for the 8th time today..ima beat ya ;D
Lala8374 (kind&generous girl with a bit more fame then xCute) (buddy chat): you didn't deserve it...>.>;
xCuteS1nx1 (buddy chat): dont be jealous
Lala8371 (buddy chat): don't be a fame whore, i actually earned it
by Disclaimed September 7, 2007
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A phrase used by Nexon, advertising the game MapleStory. Now its just overused, ridiculing (sp?) the company. Hilarious.
Police officer: Why did you kill this young and innocent child??
Killer: Because I can, and its free!

MageGuy123456: y the hell do u keep ksing me? D=<
xXxn4ruT0b011111xxxx: becuz i can and itz free!!!

Person: Whats with you guys and that lame Maplestory commercial?
Nexon: Because I can and its free! (play or dai)
by Disclaimed October 6, 2007
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A girl (not usually guys) who takes many, many pictures of herself in compromising positions. The cam whore would then post the pictures on her blog, myspace, a forum, etc. Usually has a sad or apathetic look on her face. Gains popularity from her fans. Images are usually not very good quality, so she can post more without feeling embaressment, for the viewers cannot see her ugly side.
Girl 1: Have you seen Sarah's pictures on her MySpace? It's disgusting!
Girl 2: Hell yeah. That cam whore is buddies with 40 year old men.
by Disclaimed August 23, 2007
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In a minority (but still alot) of people's opinions: crocs are the most ugly shoes they have ever seen. Made of rubbery material, these "shoes" (/sarcasm) are like slippers, except with oddly shaped holes on the top. Did I mention they also come in assorted colors too?!
I just cannot see how some people I personally think with a good taste of fashion could possibly fall for these.

HOW KUTE!!!!! /more sarcasm
Crocs Girl: Hey Katie, check out my new crocs. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Normal Shoes Girl: Uhh yeah...^^"
Crocs Girl: I couldn't decide whether I wanted pink, or baby blue, so I just got them both!! -insert girly laugh here-
by Disclaimed August 25, 2007
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