L: "omg, you're annoying me!! If you don't shut up I'll sit on your face!"
T: "alright! XD suppose I'll have to start annoying you more then.."
B: "oh wow, you two are flickering again, huh?"
by Damned Adam December 27, 2010
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A turn signal. The mexicans term for a turn signal
Dudeing he didn't use his flicker.
by Dudeings May 3, 2011
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Someone who 'flicks the bean'. i.e a woman who masturbates or flicks her clitoris

Often an equivalent to the word "wanker"
woman to man: "you're such a wanker"
man: "yeah well you're a flicker"
by tuvix2k May 18, 2011
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A ROBLOX game developed by JJ Studios where there is a murderer, medic, psychic, muffin man, two twins, and survivors. The name of the game is to figure out who the murderer is while a person is being murdered each round unless they are saved by the medic. Flicker is commonly known as the best ROBLOX game on the platform. Flicker also has the best fan base on ROBLOX. We stan.
I was the murderer in Flicker, but I was voted out after I killed Chlorine.
by Smelly Smelly Armpit Hair April 6, 2020
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A lighter, typically a bic or disposable gas/flint based lighter.
Can you pass me a flicker I am about to light this shit UP.

All the gangsters throw your triggers up, all the stoners throw your flickers up, all the drunks throw your liquor up.
by Vaporboy July 28, 2009
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