An outdated term for they
"It says here he/she can then turn the switch to on"

"Wow those instructions must be outdated"
by deafinitionplshelpicanthear November 2, 2020
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A person like myself that has both male and female genitals. At birth the doctors didn't know what i was so my parents chose a sex for me. I am now a male. I was born with both ovarian and testicular tissue. You can still see some male and female sexual characteristics though I take hormones.

I am intersex, also known as a 'hermaphrodite' or he-she

by Sonny Vitale. October 14, 2007
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He/she is a set of pronouns containing both the pronoun sets of she/her and he/him. It is used typically by people who identify as both masculine and feminine genders, but anyone who feels comfortable with them can use these pronouns if they fit you.

In some cases the person putting he first instead of she can indicate a preference for he, but this is not every case and can be the opposite or they can be equal.
Oh, Darell goes by he/she pronouns. It means he can be called she or he. Sometimes she prefers one over the other as well.
by kozacore November 29, 2020
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(Specifically in written forms and not someone just having a good time with their prounouns)
A thing I want to white out everytime I see it
"I heard someone, idk, fell into the river. I bet he/she-"
"Whoa- hold on buddy, we aren't in 1812 England, speak normally please"
by July 19, 2021
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A man who dresses like a woman; usually one who can actually be mistaken as a woman. He-she's are usually one step away from gettin sex change operations.
BOB: Damn! That girl is hot!
TONY: That ain't a girl. That's a he-she!
by Nasty Nate June 23, 2003
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The PC way to refer to someone whose gender you don't know. Because "gender is social construct".
Darude - "Hey who's playing this song?"
Calvin - "I don't know man, shit, he/she/it has a pretty dank mixtape tho!"
by Coolymaw17 March 3, 2017
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