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Makers of fine graphics card. But provider of shit linux drivers.
Yeah ati hardware rocks, but the linux driver support is awful. Try an nvidia card until ati get their shit together
by killgORE May 22, 2005
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A Canadian computer hardware company, ATI Technologies (spelt ATi) is well known for their Radeon line of graphics chips. Their greatest rival is nVIDIA, and the two companies are forever in a war to outdo each other. As a result, there's an almost equal split between ATi and nVIDIA graphics card owners, who are also in a perpetual state of slagging each other off. (see fanboy)
Normal person: I'll get the one that's the best performance / value.
by generic May 19, 2005
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This name means something powerful, intellegent & Useful at the same time. The Individuals that posses this name can be great at sex & making money. Atis is very humble and likes being hated. He is a prestige leader while being able to hurt people by accident. Very ambitious but very lazy at the same time. Positive & prosperous. People in balkan may use this name as comparison to Zeus.
The world doesn't deserve Atis.
by 32Grumllustka October 21, 2018
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1. noun; A company that makes video cards.

2. acronym; Array Technologies Incorporated

a little bit of ATi's history.
ATi was founded in 1985 and worked primarily in the OEM field, it produced integrated graphics cards for large PC manufacturers like IBM and Commodore. They made Graphics chips for Game systems like the wii (codenamed Hollywood, which is a modified version of the gamecube chip called flapper) ATi also made the graphics core for the XBOX 360 (codenamed Xenos).
July 24, 2006, AMD and ATI announced a plan to merge together where they would go on to make graphics cards with poor Pixel shader support and a notoriously bad driver set for Linux. Also noted not to work with MS Dos in graphics mode.
Windows user: I just got a new ATi card, I'm going to OWN so hard in Halflife 2 now!

Linux user: Oh grate an ATi card, I just love having 10 fps in Quake arena.
by Bp103 September 10, 2008
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Automated Terminal Information System. Either a looped recording or a voice synthesis system which plays a looping audio stream over a radio frequency for the purpose of giving weather and other operational information to Pilots. Information can include runways in use, wind direction and speed, cloud level, and any other important information a pilot needs to know. Can also refer to the information given itself.
1: What does the ATIS say?

2:(Automated looped recording) "Sydney Terminal Information India. Arrivals and Departures, runway 25. Men with Hand tools operating to the edge of runway 34 left. Winds 280 at 20 knots, gusts to 30 knots. Crosswind maximum 19 knots. Visibility Greater than 10 kilometers, Reduced to 5000 metres in passing showers. Cloud, Few at 800 feet, scattered at 2000 feet, broken overcast at 4500 feet. Temperature 20 celcius, QNH 1017 millibars. On first contact with Sydney Approach or Ground, notify receipt of India." (recording loops to begining again).

2a: Sydney Approach Qantas 462 descending 8000 through 10,000 visual on top, have ATIS India.
by hopskip July 25, 2005
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Activist Times, Int. Zine.
A Text Webzine published every week since
1988. Because ATI existed long before
ati graphics cards, and all the other
corporations, the editor and publisher
managed to win lawsuits and become the new owner and operator of every single thing using the letters A.T.I. including the bussing company and even the one in dictionary defition #1 above. ;)
Hey, hey hey!
It's ATI.

"...and perhaps the highly anarcho-political
Activist Times..."

"ATI zine was a hacker zine back in the day, much like TAP/YIPL, 2600, Reality Hackers, Mondo 2000, LOD tech manuals and Phrack. Over time, topics shifted to include Anarchy, Music and Poetry, which is pretty much what ATI specializes in nowadays. But because it's completely submission driven (except for what the publisher puts out during dry weeks) many other topics are always just as welcomed. (AND the writer's an IMCsta!)"
by Modem Andguitar March 18, 2005
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