Activist Times, Int. Zine.
A Text Webzine published every week since
1988. Because ATI existed long before
ati graphics cards, and all the other
corporations, the editor and publisher
managed to win lawsuits and become the new owner and operator of every single thing using the letters A.T.I. including the bussing company and even the one in dictionary defition #1 above. ;)
Hey, hey hey!
It's ATI.

"...and perhaps the highly anarcho-political
Activist Times..."

"ATI zine was a hacker zine back in the day, much like TAP/YIPL, 2600, Reality Hackers, Mondo 2000, LOD tech manuals and Phrack. Over time, topics shifted to include Anarchy, Music and Poetry, which is pretty much what ATI specializes in nowadays. But because it's completely submission driven (except for what the publisher puts out during dry weeks) many other topics are always just as welcomed. (AND the writer's an IMCsta!)"
by Modem Andguitar March 18, 2005
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Array Technologie's Inc.

a company that makes video cards.
rival of NVIDIA

built the fastest cards of last generation, seems to be behind on this generation.
9800 XT was the best card last year
NVidia got there ass wooped by ATI.
by informer August 12, 2004
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Noun: A person who talks all of the time. Usually a male that connot control the verbal diarrhea. If he were a female, which could but up for debate, he would be called a chatty cathy. Frequently compared to the nagging mother-in-law.
That guy talks so much he is like listening to ATIS. You can put the phone down and pick it up 3 hours later and he will be saying the same thing.
by JOPA January 22, 2007
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Fatass nigga smells like hella ass just avoid this human being as much as possible
Atis a fatass haha
by Patatounion June 10, 2018
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Acronym: Asexual Till Inebriated

The state of not finding members of any sex attractive unless mildly drunk/inebriated
Guy 1: Bro, do you think Emily's hot?
Guy 2: Nah, cuz, her nose is bigger than my future.
Guy 1: Why've you got to be such a cunt?
Guy 2: Sorry bro, I'm majorly ATI
Guy 1: oh... rad dude.
by Roger Lichtenstein July 21, 2016
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An expression that women use about all men - " Are they incapable ? "
His wife, who looks after the children and tidies up after him, works 24/24.
She was taking a rest in a cafe when shopping with a friend and said " Men ati ? "
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005
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