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A growing craze mostly popular with groups of chavs, especially in the London area, where they single out a complete stranger and smack them on the head, usually whilst recording it on a video phone, then do a runner.

The victim is almost always totally unaware, and they use it to their advantage so the vicim doesn't have a chance to grab the slapper and beat the living shit out of them.
Happy slappers are more evidence that humanity is either doomed or splitting.
by generic May 26, 2005
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nVIDIA is a computer company well known for their GeForce line of graphics chips (they only make the chips and sell it to card vendors) and nForce line of high performance chipsets. nVIDIA had the reputation of being the leader in the graphics section, although their rival ATi has quickly closed the gap in recent years and now the two companies are locked in a never ending graphics war, with both sides briefly getting an upper hand here and there.
nVIDIA fanboy: ATi sucks.
ATi fanboy: nVIDIA sucks.
by generic May 19, 2005
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A gaming platform made by Valve software that can auto update games and has a built in IM client (Friends). Despite having a very buggy release, it is now a solid system, although idiots who have nothing better to do still whine since it crashes on their spyware infested PC, or their warez copy of Half-Life no longer works.
Person A: Steam sucks! It never works!
Person B: Get rid of that 2GB of spyware then FFS!
Person A: OMG! Steam works now!
Person B: Duh...
by generic October 23, 2004
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id software's latest game (and engine). Doom 3's graphics are probably one of the best for it's generation - the only catch is that you'll need a monster of a computer to run it. But all those great graphics are pointless since you can't see shit. Doom 3's monsters are also said to be very scary - if you could see them.
Person A: I don't think my computer can handle Doom 3.
Person B: Don't worry, just turn off your monitor.
by generic May 10, 2005
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Probably the only fast and stable OS Microsoft has ever made. Windows 2000 (aka: Win2k) is based on the NT 5.0 kernel and is the predecessor to Windows XP, it's obese cousin.

Win2k will run almost all software made for WinXP, but since M$ wants your money, they have begun to intentionally cripple software to only work under WinXP, eg; Windows Media Player 10.
Being both fast and stable, this was contrary to Microsoft's commitment to bloated and buggy software, so Windows XP was released to address the issues with Windows 2000.
by generic June 18, 2005
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A Canadian computer hardware company, ATI Technologies (spelt ATi) is well known for their Radeon line of graphics chips. Their greatest rival is nVIDIA, and the two companies are forever in a war to outdo each other. As a result, there's an almost equal split between ATi and nVIDIA graphics card owners, who are also in a perpetual state of slagging each other off. (see fanboy)
Normal person: I'll get the one that's the best performance / value.
by generic May 19, 2005
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A generic word used to respond to someone when you don't feel much like giving a real response, or used as an adjective when you want to add emphasis.
Guy 1: "Hey I fell over and you didn't help me."
Guy 2: "Jizznatch."
Guy 1: "I don't think that was very nice."
Guy 2: "Shut up, jizznatch."
by generic November 15, 2004
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