nVIDIA is a computer company well known for their GeForce line of graphics chips (they only make the chips and sell it to card vendors) and nForce line of high performance chipsets. nVIDIA had the reputation of being the leader in the graphics section, although their rival ATi has quickly closed the gap in recent years and now the two companies are locked in a never ending graphics war, with both sides briefly getting an upper hand here and there.
nVIDIA fanboy: ATi sucks.
ATi fanboy: nVIDIA sucks.
by generic May 19, 2005
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a computer company that doesn't give any fucking Linux support.
"Fuck you NVIDIA" - Linux Torvalds
by iusearchbtw March 29, 2022
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the (somewhat) b****y GPU princess of the world. Is high class and she knows it - she's got the attitude and prices to reflect it. Everyone wants a piece of her but only those with the means can claim her.
"Man can't believe RTX 3080's go for $1500+."

"Yeah man that's Nvidia for ya - she's the best there is and she knows it."
by epicexploceans December 13, 2021
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Graphics card company makes graphics cards along with chipsets for AMD motherboards
Nvidia nforce2 chipset is best for the amd athlon xp 2500+
by Dynamo January 9, 2004
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a shitty graphics card company that overcharges for subpar performance.
nvidia stan: yo I got the new 4060 ti!!!!!
gamer: yo why did you buy nvidia you idiot
by Call911ForRobux July 11, 2023
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Tech company that advertises 3.5GB video cards as 4 GB cards.

The desktop graphics card monopoly has been since broken by rival company, AMD.

Nvidia however, to its credit, does offer excellent graphics and processor chips for mobile devices, best seen in their own Android Tablet, the Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia is also rumored to be powering the upcoming Nintendo console, codename NX, where usually AMD makes graphics chips for consoles.
"If Nintendo's new handheld is powered by Tegra from Nvidia, then we can finally expect HD graphics on a Nintendo handheld."
by deadbunny97 September 7, 2016
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A reincarnation of SGI, consisting of most of the 3D Chip designers that worked for the then-juggernaut of the 3D rendering industry. They primarily make Graphics Cards that a console would only have wet dreams about, including the GeForce GTX 10 series, which you'll commonly see on any streamer or professional gamer's hardware specs, even though their more powerful cards are ridiculously expensive.

They also have other graphics cards for more than just gaming, like the Quadro graphics cards, which is used more for working with CAD, CGI, and DCC, or the Titan V, which is practically a supercomputer's wet dream.
When you look at a highly-specced PC, chances are its housing a Nvidia graphics card.
by Hardstuck Internet October 30, 2018
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