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Misspelling of "atheist"
It's spelled "atheist", duh
by Coyote February 16, 2004

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Large Desert Dog who, on a fatefull day, DID catch the Roadrunner thanks in no small part to bitchen billet parts from ACME Hotrods.

A strong advocate for "NO MORE TANK TRIM" in the VTX community.
Beep Beep your ass!!
by Coyote July 16, 2003

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A slippie is a girl (or guy) who loves to rub there pussie or ass up and down a cock until they plung it in deep and continue to go up and down on at a steady speed.
Sallie is a slippie and it felt good on my cock.
by Coyote March 07, 2005

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When coyote owns bijan and its like ript
coyote headshots bijan
Coyote: RIPT #R
by coyote February 28, 2005

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