One who does not believe in a god or gods.
Sometimes stereotyped to be intolerant to religons.
They are not all intolerant. It is simply not believing in a higher being. If one should be free to be a certain religon without being intolerant, one should be free to not believe in a god(s) without being intolerant.

*Not to be confused with agnostic*
How I would hope it would go-
Christain: I'm Catholic.
Athiest: Oh, that's fine.
Christian: Well, what are you?
Athiest: Oh, I'm an athiest.
Christian: Oh, well that's cool.

Ways it may go but not many people would not want-
Religous person: I'm Catholic
Athiest: That's cool.
RP: Well, what about you?
Athiest: Well, I'm an athiest.
RP: You son of a bitch! You're going to Hell, stupid!

RP: I'm Catholic
Athiest: Oh my god! You're so stupid thee is no higher being! The Bible is fictional.
RP: B-B-but
Athiest: No! Shut-up!
by Must I put something here? September 30, 2007
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Atheism is the disapprove of any kind of religion.

Well untill it became a religion/cult itself, most atheists are annoying and got their opinion on everything. They became worse than vegans.

Most of them have no idea about any religion and share the same excuse to their "believe" (lolwut? no scienteficz evidence OLOL!1 u iz stoopid xDDDDDD)
they're putting up a huge bumper sticker on their comaro saying "I'm an atheist" just to sound smart or to be labeled as a "thinker".

I don't believe in any religion because its just a way of brainwash and mind control, something atheists hate but if you think about it its what makes you a fuckin' slave and ultimately turns your head around.

nazism veganazi capitalism communism racism atheism
Most of these atheists are pumping out the fact that they don't have any religion I know that religions are make-believe and written by humans since almighty god judges and rewards just like humans do.

atheists are getting relentlessly annoying by the minute, they multiply and like self expression which is really an old excuse, I don't see the idea behind this artificial bullshit you're wearing spiking your hair and all of these gay pornographic tattoos on your arm what the fuck does that represents? just to let you know no matter how hard you scream no one will listen...

athiest there i said it can i fuckin' submit now?
by Endless Vacation November 27, 2008
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A man or a woman that doesn't believe in God and is not coherent to any religion . Love to yell at religious people becaise of how fucking retarded they are. Known to be the smartest people in the worlx
Person 1 "hey why is that guy a Athiest?"
Person 2 "because he was raised right lad"
by CarlAzuzV.2 September 3, 2017
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It means being ignorant ,selfish waste of time. It is a way of life which give you no reason to be alive as you don't know if world will end and will drink till you go drunk and will rape, kill and beat anyone or none of this but will be out of your senses. Time will go quick for them. They have no manner, rules of how to behave with people and no respect for elders.
Athiest children swear at the elders tell them to shut up and forget it is there parents that raised them
by some one with sense February 17, 2014
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A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods
He is a commited athiest.
by TropicalTruths❤ September 12, 2017
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The biggest liars in the entire world that God made, these stupid gay liberal hell bound lunatics have no idea what their talking about. So if your an atheist enjoy your sinful lifestyle while you can but you will be in hell soon
Hey want to go kill some athiests?
by Cheeky thing November 1, 2015
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