When your grinding but the guy next to you gets a boner and it accidentally slips into your anus.
Nicole got ass raped when Jim got low while grinding.
by hey_baby May 28, 2017
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What happens to a man when he is subjected to no-fault divorce in the court system. It typically includes the loss of his children, the taking of his money, and the knowledge that the supposed "perfect" justice system is completely biased towards the woman
Poor Joe, he came home one day to find the house empty and his son gone, along with a summons to family court. He was able to fight to see his child twice a year and pays his ex-wife 13,000/year in child support. He is the victim of assrape

If you are a man, the only verb that applies to you in a U.S. family court system. Equality means the woman gets everything and the man receives assrape

Go Justice! Go Assrape!
by Will_I_Aren't December 01, 2010
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To shove your cock in another's ass with extream malice.
You fucken bitch! I will teach your cheating ass! im going to ass-rape you!
by brian-p October 13, 2007
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Something that you really don't want to do, or exhausts you
"Doing all this homework is like ass rape!"
by Christy January 15, 2003
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to get totally scammed or taken advantage of
Holy shit, it's ten bucks to get into the new Tomb Raider movie? What a total assrape.
Your boss jypped you overtime? Holy assrape.
by d July 27, 2003
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A vigorous double-handed butt squeeze without consent, usually for the shocked reaction.
I assraped Vladimir the other day, and OH MY GOD, his ass must have been carved by angels.
by Red Fleming June 27, 2011
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Synonym for "midterm" at the University of Toronto.
I brought a jar of Vaseline to the exam to ease the assraping.
by KM May 18, 2004
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