To talk to, or talk back to.
person 1: Hey remember Tracy from down the street?
I totally assraped her last night!
person 2: So you really finally talked to her last night?
Person 1: Oh yea, we assraped all night!

Person 1: My mom was assraping me about something.
person 2: Really what was she assraping you about?
Person 1: I don't know, something about cleaning my room,
So I assraped her back!

Person 1: You know those times when some random person comes up and starts assraping you for no reason?
Person 2: yea that totally happened to me last night on the subway, some random guy started assraping me, it was awful, he just kept assraping me about a whole bunch of questions. It was

so awkward, I was so ashamed, I had nothing to assrape back about.
by finatu July 21, 2009
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A guy named shane connon who's only phrase is ass rape!!
Shane - "I'll ass rape you"
Shane - " I'll ass rape you queef"
Shane - "You wanna get ass raped?"
by chivkin kiev May 21, 2009
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Singlehandedly wiping out the entire opposing team while owning in Counter-Strike.
Damn! I sure ass-raped those freaken Terrorists.
by Mike H. April 19, 2003
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