to force anal sex upon someone; sodomize.
Puppy in "Retarded Animal Babies," in the episode "Fucky Fucksgiving": If you say one more FUCKING WORD about some movie with a Red Rocket BB Gun or whatever, I swear to Christ I'll ass-rape you with a handful of rusty corncob holders!
by Joey Schwartzman November 15, 2005
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In games such as Counter-Strike,To totally overwhelm the competition to the degree that they know they've been used like 2 bit whores and dumped by the roadside like yesterdays trash.
I sure assraped those terrorist bastards back to the stone age!
by Kick'emNDnadZ August 14, 2003
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A traditional hazing ritual on new posters in the lounge forum at bluelight.ru. New posters with "leap before looking" attitudes, generally break unwritten and written rules of the forum, thus attracting massive negative attention. The public ridicule only becomes greater in strength if the new poster attempts to defend themselves, even more so if done emotionally. Any and every display of weakness or opportunity is viciously exploited in order to crush whatever spirit the poor victim may have.
The purpose to such outright attacks is two fold. It not only weeds out those who would not be able to withstand the often crude, rude and offensive nature of the forum, but it also hardens others into a state of shamlessness thus enhancing their contribution potential to the forum and future Assrapings.
example of assrape:

420nEwGUy69: y0! i'VE bEeN uP fOr eIGhT daZE NoW. sTr8 uP!

bler: you look like the type of person to do something as retarded as that
bler2: you know, if you didn't spank so regularly, perhaps you wouldn't keep bumping that capslock keys while typing.
bler3: fuck off back to your cave, troll! no one likes you. not even you mother likes you.
bler: yeah she told me between pounds in the ass and mouth.
by l2Fr August 24, 2006
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1. To achieve a complete and total victory over another.
2. A negative consequence, usually owing to fate rather than a particular person.
1. Man, I totally assraped him in paintball last night
2. I can't believe I'm getting assraped this badly.
by Morgana June 24, 2003
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Assrape is a crime wherein the victim is forced into sexual activity against his or her will, in particular sexual penetration. It is considered by most societies to be among the most severe crimes.
Chupacabra raping Healmaster by putting his penis in her/his ass, against his/her will.
Chupacabra assraped HealMaster.
by Chupacabraa March 24, 2006
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Succeeding another by a land-slide, as in a competition.
"I ass raped that nerd in the Halo tournament!"

"I ass raped her in the school president election! She didn't even have a chance!"

by hekifier March 28, 2009
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What the average working stiff in America experiences every April 15th.
Damn! I just got audited, what a friggin' assrape!
by KicK October 31, 2003
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