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man, i have an assload of reading for history tonight.
by bug August 31, 2003
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The term "ass load" can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. God tells Noah to bring an ass's load of grain for each pair of animal brought upon the arc. Thus an ass load is derived from the amount of weight that can be held carried by a mature, healthy donkey (ass).

The term is used again in the New Testament when Jesus shares the parable of Rosie O'Donnell's booty, it is cursed to weigh over 7 ass loads because she is an annoying, fat, and ugly bitch.
Your mom's jugs must weigh more than 2 ass loads.
by J Diddy January 16, 2004
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An extremely large amount that is beyond any other word, and so one can only resort to using a profanity. The subject being described also usually annoys the hell out of you.
Michael: "Hey, so you wanna go grab some drinks tonight?"

Jerry: "Nah, man, I can't. I have a test tomorrow, and I need to catch up on, like,.... an assload of homework."
by Just Too Much March 29, 2010
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A whole bunch of.

This is true except for when referring to TP in which case it is a lot less then what you might think.
Nate: Dude, bring me some TP.
Penguin: Well, how much do you need?
Nate: Are you serious? A fuck'n roll.
Penguin: We have to conserve. Al Gore, Remember.
Nate: Holy shit! I need at least three assloads, maybe four. So figure it out Penguin or I'll wipe my ass with your pillow.
by DJ Dropa Duce December 06, 2009
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When speaking of quantity: an amount more than which is easily countable
When speaking of size: larger than a man can easily carry
When speaking of time: an amount of time which is larger than the expected amount
When used as a noun: a wad of semen released by a man inside the anus of another person (male or female alike)
"I got an ass load of collectible cars in my attic."
"How big is my house? It's got an ass load of space!"
"Jon went to buy beer 3 hours ago. He's taking an ass load of time"
"I gave your sister an assl oad last night!"
by JtothaC March 16, 2005
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n 1. a great quantity. Generally accepted to exceed a butt-load.
"I just ate an ass-load of tacos!"
by MF September 05, 2002
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The burden that can be borne by one's ass (Equus asinus)
And he said unto his sons, Saddle me the ass. So they saddled him the ass: and he rode thereon, and was an assload. (Kings 1, 13:13)
by Thomas Pants, PhD January 14, 2004
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