1. an admirer of someone in a (more) powerful position.

2. an extreme supporter who gives attention and affection to a person who is already on a pedestal or otherwise popular.
They protest the government when Obama is in office, but when it was Bush in the White House, the Tea Partiers were some of the government's most dedicated asslickers.
by D.S. Credito March 04, 2015
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Someone who likes to lick peoples assholes during sex or something you call someone
Oh man that guy is a major asslicker
by odyfart October 08, 2014
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One who licks ass because he or she sucks so bad. Also, an ass kisser who is such a loser that he or she must lick the ass they are kissing.
Yo dude, JEML1754 is suck an asslicker, he wants us to call him "asslicker"
by Jon March 13, 2005
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Our rectum-slurping,hemmhoroid gobbling,
feces munching president Shitbush
Boy,I can't believe there's such an asslicker in the White House!
by Ira Newman August 14, 2005
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Asslicker: Derives from the latin word: "Gayus" they are often obsessed with licking ass and often forget that they are gay. Also a white person trying to be black eg: "look at that guy over there, He is such a asslicker!" "I know yeah, He looks like eminem, what a asslicker"
Also teachers pets. Or a word to bag people with/undercover cops
Gay Guy:"Stop Protesting Gay Marriage!"
Nathan:"Shutup Asslicker"

Asslicker:"Yo yo yo yo im black and proud! Im a homie G Nigga!"
Nathan: "Shut the fuck up you stupid asslicker"

Girl with apple:"Here you go teacher! I wub you!"
Nathan:"Stop licking ass, you asslicking piece of shit your just a asslicker your so far up your teachers ass you got shit on your tongue asslicker!"
Teacher:"Yeah you asslicker stupid bitch your apples are shit"

Nathan:"hahah look at that asslicker over there, he drives a cop car what a asslicker!"
by Nathan From Werribee August 26, 2008
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The undercover cops that walk around and you can spot them from a block away.
There is an asslicker over there with big sunglasses and a flannel shirt on. They drive around in those white sedans.
by Golden Gate Park June 16, 2007
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Anal stimulation by a good thorough lickage
I gave Mrs Darcy a damned good asslicking last night. Then she gavce me an asslick back. Very nice woman.
by Licko August 03, 2006
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