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Usually referring to when someone wants to be random, but just ends up looking really, really stupid.
Hernandez : Dude, you're totally randumb, stop trying.
by CriticalDesign January 13, 2008

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The number one cause of disciplined children all over the world. (Though mainly of Portuguese descent) The wooden spoon is a dangerous weapon capable of ending the tantrum of even the most stubborn child.
No, mom! Not the wooden spoon! No I promise I won't throw anymore pipe bombs!
by CriticalDesign April 09, 2008

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One of the fastest rappers out there, next to Bone Thugs N Harmony. Set 2 of the fastest rapping records out there. Unfortunately, the record was taken by Ricky Brown with the song "No Clue".
Twista has some fast raps, with a great pronunciation.
by CriticalDesign August 06, 2007

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A very, very mediocre game, once known for it's amazing gameplay during it's beta stage, it quickly declined after commercial release.

This is because privileges were taken from fans and players, and given only to those who paid.

The game uses a P2P networking system, so there is tons of lag for many players with slower connections, unlike Counter-Strike.

It has a fair number of weapons, though the ones which free players may use are either expensive in-game,or were nerfed down.

The game has fallen back as the best FPS because of commercial release. Updates are unreliable, and so are servers. Often, the game is easily hacked, because of using a really bad anticheat, Punkbuster
War Rock was my favourite First Person Shooter until it was released in stores.
by CriticalDesign December 06, 2007

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1. A contract killer.

2. The best type of girlfriend to have. If you have an assassin girlfriend, you got twice the ass for the price of one.
1. Are you a real assassin? Bill at the office has been bugging me, can you fix that?

2. To get an assassin girlfriend is way better than getting a BOOBY TRAP girlfriend.
by CriticalDesign January 08, 2008

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Known more famously as a musical genre, but is also a culture. Hip hop is often referred to as "dead", or "dying".

In actuality, it is only part of Hip Hop that is dying, and that is mainstream. I don't need MTV, BET, or Much Music to live my music for me, so as long as me, or anyone else enjoys Hip Hop, it will be alive.

Hip Hop MUSIC can range from slow, slurring speech with digital beats and a heavy bassline,known as gangsta rap, or southern rap, which is mostly responsible for the "death" Hip Hop, to fast, crisp lyrical delivery with the instrumentals ranging from a multitude of sounds and instruments.
Guy 1 - Hip-Hop is garbage, it's all about guns, and bitches.
Guy 2 - But aren't you playing Counter-Strike, and your in-game spray paint has a nude woman on it?
by CriticalDesign December 29, 2007

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A word spawned from "That's a wrap!" after performances by MCs.

It is not a music genre, but actually a form of vocal delivery. See Hip-Hop for the musical genre.
Guy: I listen to rap.
Other Guy: I didn't know you listened to the fast vocal delivery of reading lyrics.
by CriticalDesign December 29, 2007

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