1. A one-piece suit worn by parachutists for jumping.
2. A garment fashioned after this, usually combining a shirt or bodice with shorts or trousers in one piece.
- Jumper : Arg the wind is sneaking under my shirt and basically undressing me, I can't see anything and the wind hurts.
- Parachutists : You should have worn a jumpsuit.
- Jumper: It's okay I'm just committing suicide anyway.

The second piece of fashion that you'll ever see if Jason Voorhees catches you, after seeing his bloody hockey mask. Unless a machete can be considered a fashion accessory (but you'll feel it more than see it), or if he's not wearing his jumpsuit that day.

What Slipknot wears on stage to make you focus on the music instead of them and fashion.

What Dr Venture wears in the cartoon the venture brothers.
by LisaOfShades February 27, 2011
a tight strachy suit that covers dosent cove ur dick/pusy/boobs/ass
i got your mom/ dad / sis/bro/in a jumpsuit
by orgy boys January 7, 2005
"i gave that bitch a white jumpsuit"

"fuck red jumpsuit apparatus, i'll have a white jumpsuit apparatus"
by ahmed ahmedinajad July 11, 2008
1. a bubble wrap suit

2. the electronic/hip hop group: the Interstellar Jumpsuits.
"nigga, i love your interstellar jumpsuit!"

"oh shit bra! have you heard the new single by the Interstellar Jumpsuits?"
by wibbles December 31, 2010
Butch style on top, Kardashian style in the rear, party all over.
Dayum, I want that jumpsuit lesbian to fix my alternator, then take me to her brow specialist, then take me home.
by Greeneyes1981 April 7, 2018
A smug jackass. An arrogant dick. A narcissist. Egomaniac.
That guy is a joe jumpsuit.

Here comes joe jumpsuit.
by Hockey Mom terms June 6, 2020
When two people wear jumpsuits (preferably an Elvis Jumpsuit) and have sex.
"Hey Taylor! Wanna have jumpsuit sex?"
"Oh Ricky baby, lets do it!"
by tayla tot April 24, 2008